Watch the Music Video for Soundgarden's Track from 'The Avengers'

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Just about everything is about The Avengers this week. It was a little surprising to hear that Soundgarden would have a song on the movie soundtrack. If you haven't heard it yet or seen the music video, check it out below. It has some scenes from the movie but nothing really spoilery.

This song is called "Live to Rise."

Loading Video...

Are there any Soundgarden fans out there? Does it make sense for this type of music to be in the movie or does it date it? I do recall hearing Foo Fighters during Thor.

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i'm all the more excited for this now

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It doesn't feature perse, but rather it's the over the rolling credits song.

The music for the film is perfec, makes the hairs on the back of my arms stand on end. You can hear abit of Back to the Future Predator in there. Seen the film three times and come saturday.

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Soundgarden?????!!!!!!! Holy Crap!!!!!

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I will wait, sometimes those music videos put clips from the movie in and there are sometimes spoilers.

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This could be a huge blockbuster weekend for The Avengers. They are certainly marketing it well.

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lol Marvel didnt know how to release more footage of the movie so they made a Music video ! Cant wait to see The AVENGERS!

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Love the song. But I'm probably too young to know who Soundgarden is.

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They are not showing any clips that I haven't already seen... because I've already seen the movie!!!

While you sorry people in America haven't, That makes me feel so good.

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This song fits the movie so well and it is catchy

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I like Soundgarden! Didn't realize they had a song in the movie, even though the movie wasn't that good, a lot of cheesy dialogue and too much humor for my tastes that didn't seem to fit. Good action though. More Soundgarden! Black Hole Sun!

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@funkyfiction: Yeah I know, I saw it yesterday, and really feels good I mean they have almost everything before the rest of us, win for once is sweet

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Love this song. Glad that the first big song Soundgarden does when they get back together is for The Avengers. Can't wait to see the movie.

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@funkyfiction: Joke is finally on us. lol

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Sounds f*ing amazing!! Can't wait till I see this!! Too bad I'm going away this weekend and will probably have to see it next weekend! :(

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Doesn't seem to fit the movie I don't find, it's too.. tame and quiet.

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wow I didn't know Soundgarden still existed o.o decent enough song though, the Iron Man movies have a better soundtrack.

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AMERICA SUCKS. I mean, c'mon! It was filmed in America, pretty much all American actors, it even has CAPTAIN AMERICA in the Avengers! WHY DO WE GET TO SEE IT LAST????!!!!!

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This song is powerfull maaaan...

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I first heard this song on Octane (SiriusXM Sat radio) and when I heard the other artist that make up the movies soundtrack, I just threw money at my radio, but nothing came out. I normally don't buy soundtracks or even CDs unless I really like the band, but I might have to make an exception for this soundtrack.

Oh and Soundgarden rocks!!!

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Far too dreary for an Avengers film, and it lacks a certain epic-ness.

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After seeing the Avengers and staying till the end of the credits, I found myself singing the chorus to the song over and over as Iwalked through town.

It's amazing!

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They really do still make music videos, who knew right?

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Thank goodness Marvel didn't ask AC/DC to do music video for Avengers, I just had enough of them from Iron Man 1 and 2.

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Chris Cornell sounded better in Audioslave, even better solo. Sound Garden Disassemble!

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Man this song just seems to fit for the movie. It couldn't be anymore perfect. Absolutely wonderful!

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This was a free download on iTunes last I checked.

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@SpidermanWins: too many pirates in the states.. Yarrr

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sounds cool!

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Awesome! This reminds me how well Hero by Nickelback went with the first Spider-Man.

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I'm not a fan of Soundgarden but I definitely dig this song. All raw, natural and organic sound. Sigh! I miss alternative/ rock music. F**k today's mainstream music. Bring back the good stuff!

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I like the song, it's catchy.

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I don't know why Chris Cornell ever bothered with that Audioslave bullcrap. THIS is where he belongs.

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I absolutely love Soundgarden, and I love that they got Soundgarden to make a song for the film. Amazing!

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Pretty awesome!

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