The Marvel Movie-verse: Black Panther

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So, TheCannon and I were having a discussion about The Avengers. We pinpointed some of the members that we hoped to see on the big screen. It's definitely too early for Spider-Man or Wolverine to join the team. But, what about some more of the originals? Ant-Man's scheduled for a movie. And, I'd rather eat my shoe than see them introduce Ant-Man without adding the Wasp. Those two should hopefully be joining Earth's Mightiest Heroes pretty soon. But, what about Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk? Those would be pretty tough to do without having a movie focused on Marvel or another Hulk movie.

Then, we got to Black Panther.

Neither one of us were sure how he originally became a member of the 616 Avengers. But, we agreed that it would be good to see him on the big screen.

How would we do this?

Here are my propositions:

Stand-alone- If they want to do a stand-alone movie for BP they would definitely have to bring in a lot of Wakanda. That's part of who he is. Marvel doesn't have the rights to Storm so she might be too hard to throw in. But, they could still do a lot of neat stuff... Especially, if they brought in the Wakandan history. They could talk about the Panthers of the past, leading the society isolated from the world. They've always been self-sufficient and more advanced than the world around them. This could add some interesting factors to their culture's past. Even better, they could do a movie highly involving the Panther god and Ra (like the most-recent BP comics).

Cameo- Before we get ahead of ourselves, it might be better to just introduce BP to the Marvel Movie-verse first. Here's my plan:

It would be cool if the Avengers either had to hide out in Wakanda (like during A V X) or they desperately needed the Wakandan technology.

Maybe Cap's shield breaks and they're the only ones who can fix it...

Or, there's some sort of robotic upgrade that Iron Man / the team needs and Wakanda's the only place that could provide it (What if he's introduced at the end of one of the Iron Man movies?!? Stark could be infected with a virus or really need better technology due to a new enemy and he doesn't find a solution [alone]. This could lead him to look for answers in Wakanda where they upgrade his antivirus/system. And, then BP follows IM back to the US to become part of the A.)

Feel free to steel these ideas and actually use them in the movies =)

Otherwise, what do you guys think? Will/should BP be introduced? How should it go? When? Why?

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@FatFriar_16: Cameo will the best. As for now...Marvel don't need to go too deep into every Avengers/future Avengers characters.

Because if they make a Solo film about BP, the Writer and director will need to put alot of element about African Cultural thingy ( since we cannot expect there were just fight scene throughout the movie)

A cameo in Cap. America 2 will be the best IMO.

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Stan Lee confirmed Black Panther movie is in the works, as well as Doctor Strange and Inhuman flicks

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