'The Avengers' to Cross One Billion Dollars

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#101 Posted by edtie97 (81 posts) - - Show Bio

Avengers have assembled.

#102 Posted by jumpstart55 (2252 posts) - - Show Bio

I loved every single minute of it.

Cant wait for Thanos to appear in the second one.

#103 Posted by Primmaster64 (21074 posts) - - Show Bio
@TheHeat said:

@Primmaster64 said:

Disney, get these guys in the sequel!

it would be cool huh?
#104 Posted by Primmaster64 (21074 posts) - - Show Bio
@venomoushatred1001: What? When?
And Chris Hemsworth...looks thin  in the pic. Well compared to how he looked like in Thor.
#105 Posted by nickthedevil (14379 posts) - - Show Bio

This movie deserved it.

#106 Posted by sladewilson30 (207 posts) - - Show Bio

I think it will catch up with Avatar

#107 Posted by zackattack529 (1404 posts) - - Show Bio

@shackle said:

What's that, TDKR vs. Avengers bickering in this thread? Wow, I'd have never seen that coming...

i know right..like why cant you just enjoy both movies its not like theyre promoting teams...but you know this dumb generation...after the twilight movies now we have "#insertteamhere" bullcrap. people are just really sad and pathetic these days...and because of that theyre gonna miss out on alot of fun things in life. but also a fun fact is all these people that are saying what movie is going to be better...will definitley see both and enjoy it deep down but will rant about the opposite on facebook or here.

#108 Posted by IIayK (468 posts) - - Show Bio
#109 Posted by Comiclove5 (1258 posts) - - Show Bio

@KnightRise said:

@Ramier said:

Let me say i Loved this movie. I love the dark knight when it was released. But i dont think TDKR will raise more money than the Avengers. Because they are two different types of films, and avengers is more open audience type of movie, while the dark knight is more of a cerebral film and we all know most causal moviegoers like to be entertained. Causing most people to go see it only one time. My old parents seen Avengers twice but still haven't seen the dark knight. I love anything comics but i dont think TDKR will sell more

all of these words are yes

Completely agree with the both of you

#110 Posted by difficlus (10632 posts) - - Show Bio

No black widow?

#111 Posted by Mercy_ (91943 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't get why people can't just be happy that a comic-related movie is doing so freaking well. It always seems to come down to Marvel vs DC or my movie vs your movie. It's ridiculous. You should be happy that ANY comic-related movie does this amazingly well, because it shows that there's an audience for it (when done right, as opposed to the abhorrent films that are Catwoman, Daredevil, Elektra etc) and brings that much more support into comic book adaptions. It's not a bad thing for anybody.

#112 Posted by deadpool25mm (638 posts) - - Show Bio

@TheMess1428 said:

They said they have 5 movies in the works but only announced 3.

1. Iron Man 3

2. Thor 2

3. Captain America 2

4. Unknown

5. Unknown

Candidates: Black Widow, Ant-Man, Hulk 2, and Avengers 2.

Sidenote: I read an article (and can't remember where) that said that Marvel claims they won't use Hulk for anything other than a member of the Avengers in the Avengers movies from now on. Which kinda sucks.

theres a rumor of a Guardians of the Galaxy moive too. +its understandable why they dont want Hulk to play alone.

#113 Posted by thenerdal (24 posts) - - Show Bio

@Mercy_: Simple. When anything does very well, people will hate. Like Avatar, Justin Beiber, etc.

#114 Posted by herrweis (440 posts) - - Show Bio

i hate these type of reports on movies.no one takes into account the high price of tickets these days.the regular seats and not as expensive as the 3D seats.what they should really do to gauge a movies success is count the number of tickets sold.like they do lps,cds...count whats been sold not how much money its pulled in.its sort of bogus to promote movies this way

#115 Posted by MutieLover (102 posts) - - Show Bio

@Primmaster64: The schwarma scene was taped after the movie had wrapped. Chris Evans had a beard for another movie which is why you cant see his face. I'm sure Chris Hemsworth changed his diet/stopped working out.

#116 Posted by Gambit1024 (9843 posts) - - Show Bio

It's now the 9th highest grossing film ever made. It's just climbing up that list :D

#117 Posted by kartron (400 posts) - - Show Bio

This raises the bar up for Spider-Man 3

#118 Posted by KidSupreme (827 posts) - - Show Bio

I saw that coming

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