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At first I was a little questionable on having Hawkeye in the original team and I would have preferred Antman but once I saw Hawkeye in action all questionability was thrown out the window. Loved the Banner/Stark banter early in the film and closing with the closeup on Thanos. I have passed this to quite a few of my friends as a must see movie.

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I have to say this was a great movie! Though if people ask me if this is the greatest superhero movie, I would say no, The Dark Knight is. BUT Sara had a point, you can't really compare Christopher Nolan's Batman to this movie, or any superhero movie. It's like comparing apples to oranges here. And I know The Dark Knight Rises will not disappoint.

The one thing I didn't like & this video brought it up, was Thor. He did kind of seem not really there so to speak. That's kind of disappointing to me since I really liked the movie Thor. And I didn't like how he was able to back to earth & it was treated like it was nothing.

It's hard to say who was my favorite character, but my top favorites has to be Captain America & Black Widow.

Overall, it was the best Marvel movie.

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I had to leave I didn't see the post credit scene...but seeing Thanos made my jaw drop, I felt like a kid again.

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I agree, I think it was the best Marvel movie to date. I think it was great movie, but my only problem with it was it seemed emotionally flat. For example Hunger Games tugged at my heart strings, but I didn't feel moved that much by Avengers. It's a great action movie and I think Whedon did an excellant job overall though. Chris Evens really improved his performance as Captain America. I was questioning whether or not he could. I thought he would have a hard time acting in a role where Captain America takes command of a group of prominent superheroes, but he pulled off the performance nicely. One of the things that pissed me off the most in this movie was his costume. He had the perfect costume in the Captain America movie and they substituted it with the terrible version of the costume they used in this movie. It drove me crazy. Mark Ruffalo also made a great Bruce Banner. Maybe the best Banner to date. Certainly better then Edward Norton. Loved Hawkeye also. Loved how his bow and arrow worked. The way all the arrows were detached from the arrowheads, then Hawkeye would somehow pick the arrow he wanted and the arrow the the specific arrowhead he picked would automatically attach itself.

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I think it's hard to have several protagonist in a movie, and that was The Avengers greatest fault.

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The avengers movie was okay..but,. Green lanterns movie was just so much better.

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The Avengers is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

That scene with Natasha being interrogated though reminded me soo much of the first scene of Alias.

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@Bats said:

Loved the movie - easily one of the best comic book movies of all time.

I did, however, have one and only major complaint.

Why didn't Cap say "Avengers Assemble"!!!?????

I've been waiting for that scene forever and it just never happened. If I were writing this movie - it would be the first scene I would have thought of.

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, the phrase, was used to promote this flick on many levels and is also one of the most well loved phrases in all of comicdom - but it seems odd to me it wasn't in the movie, almost unforgivable.

This movie was fantastic and the absence of Cap screaming "Avengers Assemble!!" during the climactic battle scene was the only thing that this movie was missing - the only thing keeping it from being truly perfect.

Am I the only fan that missed this line?

That line would make sense for the sequel but not for this movie, they weren't even really a team yet.

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@edtie97 said:

The avengers movie was okay..but,. Green lanterns movie was just so much better.

Trolls, assemble!

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That movie blew me away, i have no complaints, it's the best superhero movie to ever come out. Tony Stark was excellent as well as Cap, Hulk punching Thor on the slide was Hilarious. Hulk totally owned the "Gods" in this film....Puny Gods..lol

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Spoiler do not read

My only question was is that long snake thing running on the ground ,was that suppose to be the midgard serpent ? i saw no one comment about this, an it was not the alien looking ship i know that much ,the scene is when the guy was talking to loki an about what would happen to him if he failed

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First, Sara is looking very fashionable and attractive as always. I totally agree with Norm's assessment of the movie and the character development all around. The action and humor were spot on and I also agree, I had some reservations about how Hawkeye and Black Widow would be utilized but I was pleasantly surprised.

I do think the portrayal of Hulk was wonderful and loved how the CGI facial expressions not only matched the actor's actual physical appearance in terms of his face to a degree but as Tony pointed out, the emotions were also seen on his face and done very well. While it was a bit "too" obvious CGI in terms of the Hulk--at times---it was still damn well done. The CGI was integrated rather well with the live action scenes and one believes that certain scenes were "real".

I am ecstatic to learn indeed there is another end scene after Thanos and the credits, which I suspected but I had to leave the theater before I could catch it. Thanks for not spoiling that bit. Another excuse for me to see The Avengers again! Definitely worth seeing more than once.

Just to add, there were some people behind me, a couple of females, who obviously didn't know the characters much but were "oohiing" and "aahhiingg" and laughing and enjoying all the action scenes as well. Joss Whedon DID nail it for non-comic book audiences as well for those of us familiar with the characters.

To date, the best super hero movie ever. Well done!

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Excellent movie, I think Joss Whedon was possibly the only guy that could of pulled it off well. He was also fortunate to not have to explain the origin of any of the characters, much like in Serenity were he had a whole season of television to explain the backgrounds of all the major players.

My favorites were Cap, Loki, and Banner. We knew Tony was gonna be played perfectly by RDJ because RDJ has kind of made that his own thing. Its kind of hard to think of one without the other now. Fury would of worked well with Sam Jackson or somebody else, maybe the classic 616 Fury would of been more badass, I'm not sure. He was ok though, he had the one badass moment where he takes out the would be midtown-bomber with a bazooka.

Scarlett Jo's scene with Loki was brilliant, good for her because up until then her character hadn't really resonated with me.

I had a feeling Ruffalo was gonna knock the role out the park when he was announced, because he's good in everything (watch: The Kids Will Be Alright and Eternal Sunshine)

And I loved I loved I loved the Thanos cameo at the end, he would make a formidable foe for the team down the road. I mean for example Banner was able to manhandle the Chitauri and even put the grips on Loki with no problem. He wouldn't be able to pull that shit off on Thanos, I'm not even sure he could lift Thanos off his feet. With or without the Infinity Gems.

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I was thinking about how you guys said "Thor was sort of isolated, seemed like he shouldn't have been there," and that got me thinking how he could have been more included.

The fact that this wasn't in the movie didn't detract from the movie in any way for me, but I would have loved a scene between Thor and Tony Stark, where Stark tries to reason Thor away or something, a conversation between the scientist and the mythology/magic. It could have happened because of Loki's scepter thingy. Thor helping Stark figure it out, where it came from and what it does.

But I would have loved to see Stark try to wrap his head around magic and mythology and aliens. Plus I have heard Thor didn't connect with any Avenger members so much in the film.

Banner and Rogers bonded over the Super Soldier experiments. Stark and Banner bonded over being brilliant scientists (I loved when Stark invited Banner to hang out at his lab, like it was a play date. "Wanna come over and hang out? You can play with my toys.") Rogers and Iron Man eventually bonded through fire. Black Widow and Banner sort of bonded. But Thor didn't bond with any of them. A scene where he and Stark discussed magic/mythology/Asgard vs. science would have been so much fun.

But like I said, it didn't take away from the film in any way. It was so great, the best.

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I have not seen, I can tell if Hulk fight with Loki in this film?

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I finally saw it the other night. I have to eat crow here because I was one of the few people on this site who expected it to be terrible but it turned out to be amazing. My biggest hope was that the chemistry of both the actors and the characters from the previous movies would give the true feel of an Avengers origin story. I was not disappointed and like the Comic Vine crew I ended up liking all the characters even more. The action was awesome as well and they did a great job building bigger and bigger set pieces as the film came to a close. As someone who got really deep into back issues of Silver Surfer comics and then the Infinity War stuff the ending (which shows Thanos after the final line was spoken) blew my freaking mind. I'm glad I avoided any and all spoilers before watching this. It was well worth it.

As much as I loved the movie I am still of the mind set that the AEMH cartoon is still superior to any and all story arcs that the next movie might spin. Quite frankly the Loki trilogy of episodes that ended the first season was a better story than this movie even if the movie had a better execution. Just in terms of pure fan service I am pumped to see the remainder of the 2nd season and would love to see a third. I think sequels to this movies are only going to get harder to do going forward. Avengers comics have a lack of consistency in the team roster on just a per issue basis. It was already a bit unfortunate that Hank Pym wasn't in this movie. The only movie that should happen now is a reboot of the terrible Fantastic Four movies.

At one point Loki helps Hawkeye get a retina scan from a German dude for a door. I could've have sworn the first name of the guy was Heinrich according to the scanner but I couldn't tell if it was a Baron Zemo reference.

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It was beautiful.

I can't find any other words to describe it. I almost cried, it was everything I wanted plus 2. I want to hug every actor for doing their respective character as perfect as one could possibly imagine and then some.

5 stars is not enough.

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I have more to say about the film in detail in this video. But in simple terms I loved it and can't wait to see it again with bonus DVD extra goodness!

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@ArtisticNeedham: I agree a scene like that between Thor and Stark/Banner would have added something to his integration in the team. On the other hand, I think they tried "bonding" Thor with Hulk by virtue of them being the two flat-out strongest members. But yeah, most of his comments were along the lines of "you humans are so petty" to highlight is godly superiority over them. For that reason, the scene with that agent was cool because he admitted Asgardians on earth were more like monsters than gods.

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This movie was the best comic book movie i`ve ever seen !!!! wait ! forget it ! It`s the best MOVIE I`ve ever seen !!!! I agree with sara. Scarlet Johansson totally blew me away ! Not only because I`m a very big fan of Black Widow and Scarlet but also because I really didn`t expect to see so much of her espionage abilitys ! And knowing that Scarlet never played a role like that it fascinates me more and more that she did it so well !!! I mean ...c`mon the scene were she fooled Loki was just amazing !!! And I really think, that we can expect a Black Widow movie in the near future because they talked about glipses of her past so many times .... of course the other actors were amazing too ! They did a really good job in playing their characters without making them unrelateable. And I loved how they made Hawkeyes abilitys on the sreen :D So yeah...BEST MOVIE EVER !!!

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Oh and I`m so lucky that Hulk didn`t scream something like : " HULK SMASH !!! " That would have been so dumb and unrelateable for every non-comicbookfan ^^ And I find it ok that they didn`t use the phrase "Avengers Assemble " because while watching the movie I was so excited that It didn`t even come to my mind !

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@BoOMbOoMpOw said:

Oh and I`m so lucky that Hulk didn`t scream something like : " HULK SMASH !!! " That would have been so dumb and unrelateable for every non-comicbookfan ^^

Having Cap say that was probably the most elegant thing they could have done and it did make it a lot more funny.

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@GaspoweR said:

@BoOMbOoMpOw said:

Oh and I`m so lucky that Hulk didn`t scream something like : " HULK SMASH !!! " That would have been so dumb and unrelateable for every non-comicbookfan ^^

Having Cap say that was probably the most elegant thing they could have done and it did make it a lot more funny.

I agree on that !

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If new heroes are added to the line up in the Avengers sequel, which ones would

you most like to see?

For me, I think Spider Man should be added, he is arguably Marvel's most popular

hero. I also think She-Hulk should be added, they need another female and she

is my favorite female Avenger. Finally, they need some more "color" and I think

Luke Cage would fit the bill, I personally prefer him over the Black Panther or the Falcon.

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The movie was superb, nice story and i praise Steve Rogers who played very well role i loved it, his style is so nice specially his dressing.

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