The Avengers Film Aliens Officaly Revealed SPOILERS

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Straight from BleedingCool guys:

"After last night’s world premiere of The Avengers, Marvel lifted the first of their embargoes on the film. No full reviews, as yet, but lots of tweets. Positive, excited tweets.

And amongst them, the final solution to the big Avengers mystery in a tea cup: who are those aliens?

The answer comes “within minutes”‘ apparently. And now, I’m about to pass it on, so cover your eyes if you’re playing along at home.

They kind of are Skrull, after all. Because they’re the Chitauri, the Ultimate Skrull.

There’s speculation already that they were Skrull all the way up until online rumours that Skrull would be in the movie, causing a deflection and some deniability by way of a sneaky renaming. But that doesn’t matter.

Indeed, it doesn’t seem to matter who they are at all. Generic alien army number one would fill the role just as well, apparently. There’s nothing particularly Chitauri-ish going on, if there even is such a thing as typical Chitauri behaviour, as distinct from many of the other candidates.

So, the main function that the specific identity of these aliens have played, it would seem, is in keeping us all engaged in a months-long guessing game.

Not that it wasn’t fun.

We’ll bring you our feedback on (The) Avengers (Assemble) as soon as we can. Pretty much everybody else loved it… as soon as we can, we’ll tell you if we agree."

You guys psyched or what? Though We kinda saw it coming.

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Ah, the aliens in the Ultimate Avengers animated films. Why didn't I think of that.

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I had a feeling they were these aliens. It makes sense. The Marvel Movie Universe seems to be a mix of the Ultimate and 616. By having Loki and Chitauri, you have the origin of both the 616 Avengers and the Ultimates.

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