Off YOUR Mind: What Should be in the Sequel to 'The Avengers'?

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It has to be the Black Panther. And they should have Djimon Hounsou play him. And the Wasp

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Add characters like Vision, Black Panther, Mockingbird etc, and ante up the space angle. Bring to places we havent seen already.

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Ant Man - Nathan Fillion....would be my only choice.

Although I saw the Thanos tease....that might be a little over the top with Cosmic Powers, at least for a sequel. ( we saw how Silver Surfer and Fantastic Four got out of hand a little )

I would say a Skrull/Kree angle would be fitting for a sequel.

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Ms.Marvel and VISION but vision should be their super computer at first. :D

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As long as Cap yells "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!" at one point in the sequel - I'll be happy.

That was the only thing I felt was missing from the first movie.

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Vision since Ultron will obviously be the main antagonist for the Ant-Man film. So why not add Vision as Ultron's revenge? That & all the villain coming together to form the Masters Of Evils. Oh & it's long over due that Black Panther join the team along with Ms. Marvel.

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what i want is that in the events following the Avengers 2, a new team of Avengers will be formed and will have their own movie. that should make the cast much easier to deal with.

i'd like Black Panther, Ms Marvel, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Dr Strange, Ant Man and/or Wasp to appear.

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@Brit said:

Agent Coulson as the Vision!!!!

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They should go with the Thanos quest and the infinity Gauntlet for they're storyline, and bring on the Vision, Black Panther, and Dr. Strange as new characters. I think its a very foolish move to want to bring Ant-Man into it>

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IRONMAN could bring in VISION or ULTRON. THANOS with the GAUNLET. Shehulk , Antman/yellow jacket , Wasp. KANG would be awesome. HERC could be cool , to go with the whole god thing. IMMORTUS or MEPHISTO. Definitely Mephisto but he would have to be evil and badass. Terminus as a secondary villain to Thanos or Mephisto.

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This made me laugh: "the avengers are wrongly blamed and used as an escape goat." It's not an ESCAPE GOAT, it's a SCAPEGOAT!

Anyway - - Assuming there will be an Ant-Man movie out before the next Avengers, the obvious choice would be to include Ant-Man and Wasp as the new Avengers. People shouting out Ms Marvel! Ms. Marvel! need to think about it. Her origin would take up half the movie. It's a little complex. Now, if they deigned to do a Ms. Marvel solo movie and then fold her into Avengers 3, then that would be fine and she could be a nice force for Thanos to reckon with. Black Panther? Falcon? Either of those two would be a nice addition. If the Falcon is in the next Cap movie, then he would be easy to add. Black Panther has the same problem as Ms. Marvel where he has an extensive back story/origin and the Avengers shouldn't be too much about telling character origins. I'd pay to see a cool Black Panther solo flick. Remember when Wesley Snipes was being considered for this?

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The only real complaints I heard about the first one were the fact that the team was all-white and only had one woman. Add in Black Panther, Captain Marvel (Carol) or maybe the Falcon (since he's gonna be in Captain America 2) and Spider Woman. And the Vision.

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Come to think of it, aren't they putting Falcon in that new Avengers cartoon? The one that's supposed to look like movie? Perhaps that's signaling that Marvel Studios has plans beyond just Cap 2.

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Of course, The Black Panther. You need the black panther cause he's awesome and it'll be cool to see him.

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It's obvious that Ant-Man will be a new member, with his solo film coming out soon.

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@Lvenger said:

Ha I see G-Man's made it into the Avengers! They must be having a recruitment drive.

  1. Returning Avengers - Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk
  2. New members - Ant Man, Wasp and the Vision.
  3. Villain - Ultron as the main movie villain with a Thanos teaser at the end

I totally agree with this. Dont use Thanos till the last movie. Ultron would be awesome then you can add vision like you said.

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@SavageDragon said:

@Lvenger said:

Ha I see G-Man's made it into the Avengers! They must be having a recruitment drive.

  1. Returning Avengers - Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk
  2. New members - Ant Man, Wasp and the Vision.
  3. Villain - Ultron as the main movie villain with a Thanos teaser at the end

I totally agree with this. Dont use Thanos till the last movie. Ultron would be awesome then you can add vision like you said.

Now that you've brought it back up, I'd replace Wasp with Ms Marvel/Captain Marvel, whatever they would call her. Jan would be better in a supporting role and given that Ms Marvel's powers come from a cosmic source, that could tie in to Thanos in the final Avengers film. Plus the Avengers is lacking in female members.

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I think most of you are grasping at straws. Adding in even more Avengers would be nuts. While it'd be nice to see Wasp and Ms. Marvel and the Vision and all that, Marvel can't make a 4 hour movie. The first one did an admiral job of giving everyone their screen time, but it wasn't perfect. So much Iron Man over everyone else. Hawkeye was a joke IMO. Did anybody actually care about his character? Renner didn't even care for the character as he had no backstory, no nothing. I think the most realistic thing Marvel would do is make an Ant-Man film, tease Ultron at the end, and then have Hank Pym, and maybe the Wasp join the squad, with Ultron as the villain. Seams feasible

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@Brit said:

Agent Coulson as the Vision!!!!

and less lame jokes

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Pietro and Wanda

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a dr doom cameo!

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All i want is a scene with Fury talking with Peter (spiderman) over a cellphone or something. I want a spiderman cameo!!! I also want Thor to go all out, and like split a mountain in half. I want a blonde Hawkeye!, i want.... etc.

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@ThomasElliot said:

@odysseyuwrf said:

The plot of Ultimates 2 would be cool.

I think thats going to be the more realistic scenario... the films do seem to lean toward Ultimates storylines more.

I think they should definitely NOT blow the Thanos wad yet. Save that for A3.


Listen...(err.. .I mean, look here...)

Since Iron Patriot is showing up in Iron Man 3... I think a great A2 storyline would be something along the lines of Thunderbolts. Now that the world has seen the Avengers, other nations and groups are working to create their own hero teams. The first of these teams, The Thunderbolts, appears to be good guys, but turns out to be a bunch of villains. Since we're talking team on team action, we can move away from A1 (where they learned to work together to defeat one mass enemy) and watch as they have to take on their 'counterparts' one on one.... maybe the Avengers even fail, realizing the key is to strategy and not go the obvious. For an extra drama twist, you stick Rhodes/War Machine on this 'other' team... the one member who's being manipulated and doesn't realize he's working for the bad guys (it opens up the potential for some 'You're just jealous its not about you Tony!' kind of dialog between Rhodes and Stark). Or even for a good wink and a laugh, bring back General Ross as the liaison to this team. (General 'Thunderbolt' Ross in charge of the Thunderbolts... get it? Ehh... ok).

Then, the key here is you just introduced a whole new set of supes in A2... so even though they are villains, when Thanos comes to bring the pain in A3, you now have these 'Thunderbolts' to step up, help the Avengers, and redeem themselves.

I agree with this all of it^ @walteion:Also agree with this. @SirMethos: This to. Bring in kang & grim reaper

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I think they should bring in Falcon and Ant man. With Falcon in Cap 2 and Antman in his solo movie they will fit in nicely. I mean look at Hawkeye. He hardly had an appearance in Thor then they decided to make him a leading character in Avengers. It didn't work, no one cared about him, new about him or particularly liked him.

I do think Hawkeye and Widow should make a small appearance in Avengers 2 at the beginning where they are sent in by SHIELD to investigate something weird. While investigating they get there asses wooped and hospitalized by Ultron who is a teaser at the end of Ant man. That then brings the Avengers in because they need help. Ant-man joins because he is the expert on Ultron and Falcon joins because he works along side Cap. Vision can also make an appearance. He would be a servant for Ultron who they at first believe is him. After the team beats him they call in Ant-man to help Stark work out how he works, but before they can get anywhere they are called off to fight Ultron. Carol Danvers then talks with him and teaches him to be good (can't think of the right way to describe it). Then he can end the movie by joining the good guys and sacrificing himself to shut down Ultron. At the end it can have a scene with Hawkeye and Black Widow are talking to Nick Fury. He talks about how they aren't heavy enough hitters and the should stay out of the Avengers, they of course take offense to this but he consoles them by telling them they are also the best at espionage work and they will be working separately in there own team (more of a duo). Then during the credits there can be another Thanos cameo.

Then I think in between Avengers 2 and 3 they should bring out more sequels for most of them (Cap 3, Thor 3, Ant Man 2 etc.) and make a Ms. Marvel movie where Thanos is the puppet master, he works from behind the scenes so when Ms. Marvel beats the villain it shows the viewer it was actually one of the people that work for Thanos. Then in Avengers 3 when they fight Thanos she is asked to join the Avengers because she has experience fighting similar things and is highly powered.

Not sure if it should be before of after The Avengers 3 but Hawkeye and Black Widow should get a movie called; Secret Avengers: Black Widow and Hawkeye, or maybe Black Widow and Hawkeye: Secret Avengers or just to bring in codenames, Secret Avengers: Widow and Hawk. This would give a reason for them not being in the Avengers 3.

Roster for Avengers 2:



Captan America



Hawkeye (is hospitalized for nearly all of the movie)

Black Widow (same as Hawkeye)

Vision (is programmed as a villain for most of it, sacrifices himself at the end to stop Ultron)

Roster for Avengers 3:



Captain America



Wasp maybe? Not really sure how to fit her in without taking up to much screen time.

Ms, Marvel

Secret Avengers movie:


Black widow

They can't put in Black Panther unless they give him his own movie first. But they would create another movie series for Marvel that is already over crowded.

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1. Cap yells "Avengers Assemble!" in an epic battle scene.

2. Ant-Man also has the Giant Man suit for the movie (which he uses)

4. Infinity Gauntlet should be very powerful but not to the point where a finger snap wipes out half the universe. (But to the point where he can potentially own the Avengers bad)

5. Have the cube be what powers the Gauntlet. (since the Tesseract isn't exactly a wishing device in the movies, and also as no to confuse people)

6. No repetitive invasion scene, do something different with the movie.

8. Hank Pym and Tony Stark SCIENCE TEAM UP to take the battle to space through some ship or device!

11. Have some Avengers die. (but come back....or not?)

@SavageDragon said:

@Lvenger said:

Ha I see G-Man's made it into the Avengers! They must be having a recruitment drive.

  1. Returning Avengers - Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk
  2. New members - Ant Man, Wasp and the Vision.
  3. Villain - Ultron as the main movie villain with a Thanos teaser at the end

I totally agree with this. Dont use Thanos till the last movie. Ultron would be awesome then you can add vision like you said.

Or just this, yeah this is a way better idea. But still, Giant Man suit too. Plus keep Hawkeye, he should have more screen time. I say keep Thor out of it either mostly or completely in the film, even though he's my favorite. Mostly because, what does Ultron have to do with him? Plus he's back in Asgard, I just don't see him for the film if they use what you said. They should keep him out of it, maybe having a big Thanos teaser at the end, a BIG one. But that's just my opinion.

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Now it's rare for me to pull myself away from my jla vs avengers book to post, but hearing all these great ideas made me pull out my archives to get a visual feel as to how a few scenarios might play out. If the smaller scale, more personal route is used, & utilizes ultron, then the following pages might translate nicely to the big screen. Just insert Fury, as well as replace firestar & justice, with wasp, ant man, or whatever your preference.

Column HeadColumn HeadColumn HeadColumn HeadColumn HeadColumn HeadColumn Head

This would mean that some Black Panther intro to screen time could be pulled off by having him & wakanda somehow introduced in cap 2. The falcon's gear/tech was made there. We only get an intro to T'challa, not panther, as steve & he meet, T'challa can say how his father told him how honorable a man steve was. The black panther cartoon actually had an episode of T'chaka & caps first meeting, so there is some history with wakanda. Panther could then have a bigger role in the antman movie, where he is funding pym, The lab could even be on wakanda, where his vibranium is used for the creation of ultron 1. I think those concepts are somewhat feasible enough to work.

Now for those who want to go the Thanos, kang, masters of evil route. I ran across the following pages that might point in a possible direction along those lines. Replace grandmaster with thanos, who is behind assembling this thundersquadron of evil group, that just happens to have a few members that are sorta jla wannabee types, giving us the closest thing to some jla/avengers movie type fights we might ever see. Perhaps even battling through time & space a la 1983 jla/avengers concept style.

Column HeadColumn HeadColumn HeadColumn HeadColumn HeadColumn Head

just some food for thought, oh well back to doing more pages i suppose.

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Since Thanos will be the next villain, I think the new member of the Avengers should be Hank Pym, Wasp, Vision, Ms. Marvel, Wonder Man, and Black Panther. Ultron and the Masters of Evil could be a great idea for a third movie.

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introduce Nova (richard rider) in Guardians of the Galaxy. build on his character in avengers 2, as a sarcastic 'peter parker style' kid, a rookie surronded by pros, then do an epic annihilation movie as part of wave 3 where he becomes a grizzled war hero. this could tie into a guardians sequel and introduce loads more cosmic characters, especially if marvel get the fantastic four rights by then (heralds of galactus, ronin, super skrull etc)

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Also heroes for hire tv series please, then include them in avengers 3

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I think a slightly increased roster, maybe 2 more character, at most, I think any more than that and the film would lose a lot of the heart the first had. I really hope they don't try and bring in Guardians of the Galaxy, big comic followers of that series, I don't follow it, may love that. Unfortunately the bizarre nature of the characters just will not appeal to a wider audience, can anyone here seriously see people responding positively to Downey Jrs. Iron Man chatting tactics with Rockety Raccoon... It just would not work, and I could see a pretty serious backlash to that, which would in turn see the films take a big hit... We all want the Marvel U to stay on the screen, and for that, I hope they don't try and integrate characters like Rockety Raccoon into the filmic universe.

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@SpidermanWins said

Or just this, yeah this is a way better idea. But still, Giant Man suit too. Plus keep Hawkeye, he should have more screen time. I say keep Thor out of it either mostly or completely in the film, even though he's my favorite. Mostly because, what does Ultron have to do with him? Plus he's back in Asgard, I just don't see him for the film if they use what you said. They should keep him out of it, maybe having a big Thanos teaser at the end, a BIG one. But that's just my opinion.

No Thor? But who'll shout "Ultron we would have words with thee!" He should pop up later but not at all is a bit much.

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Introduce Ms. Marvel, that's a must for me, they need a strong female heroine.

Ultron would be a great villain. Probably be Thanos though. A well done Dr. Doom would be perfect. Sentry and have him join the team at the end.

Introduce another powerful hero, not some weak human hero, a reluctant Jack of hearts? Wonder Man (love interest for Carol)?

I think a good idea would be to tease a massive list of possible heroes in the film and let Fury say they're not yet ready or something.

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@Lvenger: I mean i don't, no Galactus in the movie, even at the end, and Doctor Doom was SOOOO weak. We are just now getting good bad guys. Like the red Skull, but Doom it is hard to watch

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I'm not exactly sure why everyone is clamoring for Thanos to be in more movies. As far as I'm concerned Thanos WAS the main villain in the first Avengers and the use of him in the film made the ending absolutely perfect. Since they featured Loki as the antagonist first they should use one of the other "big 3's " arch nemeses. I would like either Mandarin, Zemo, Kang, or just do a masters of evil plot with maybe Red Skull leading. We already saw an alien/ magical threat so it makes sense to move on to a more technological or military threat. Ultron might be cool too but I don't know if it's worth blowing the budget on CG for the robot(s).

In terms of heroes I'd like to see Dr. Pym not necessarily Ant-Man. Mockingbird should make an appearance to help give Renner's Hawkeye more ladies to interact with. How hard could it be to find a smoking hot blonde who just can kick ass with a quarterstaff on camera? I'd like to see Luke Cage but maybe they should wait and see if a Heroes For Hire movie is possible. They better do it quick before Terry Crews gets too old to play the Power Man. I can't imagine getting Black Panther's character across properly in a movie though his fighting style might be interesting to see on the big screen. In any case it's going to be hard to top the first one no matter what they end up doing.

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I know I probably ask for too much but...with Thanos being teased at the end of Avengers, I just think an Infinity Gauntlet story should be the way to go ideally. After all, with the Gauntlet having been teased from the Thor movie it only seems a natural way to go. It would have to be heavily edited from the comics version too, for there is obviously no way one could include ALL the superheroes involved in that story in IG put onto the big screen, but there is a good start with Guardians of the Galaxy in the works.

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I can see Marvel releasing Ant-Man with a full Ultron story in which he turns full rouge at the end. Then Avengers 2 have the plot be full on Ultron with maybe Kang helping/offering in the way that he sometimes does. Then maybe have Michael Korvac as the villain in the Guardians film. Then of course Thanos in Avengers 3. The threat that Thanos could bring in a third film could make a much bigger impact on screen, because the Avengers shouldn't be able to defeat Thanos alone. Maybe Franklin Richards can randomly show up? Screw movie goers! Just give the comic fans the goods!.(not going to happen).

I really, really, really dislike Ultron, but he fits so well, and his character's existence makes perfect sense.

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Well if Thanos is gonna be in it. Antman and Ultron has to be in it, so Wasp has to be in it too.


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I would be happy with a fight like this. Hulk goes AWOL and tries to engage thanos by himself. Thanos puts his shields up and the hulk smashes on them in vain. Hulk says "Blue man scared to face hulk. HULK STRONGEST ONE THERE IS!!!!!". Thanos then says "I will explain this to you in words you can understand, terran". Hulk not strongest there is, hulk not strongest in this building. FOR I AM THANOS AND I AM STRENGTH PERSONIFIED!!!!!". Thanos then lays a brutal beat down on the hulk finishing with a pimp slap to knock-out the jade giant.

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I think Thanos is going to be a big part of futrue marvel films if i remember correctly Thanos searches for the cosmic cube before he gets the Infinity Gauntlet and we all know thor brought the cube to Asgard so he may be in Thor The Dark World and we don't need to forget Thanos plays a big part in Gamora and Drax the Destroyer's origin stroy's so maybe he will be in Guardians of the Galaxy also and then Avengers 2. I think all the marvel films are tied together so mabye Thanos will tear Asgard apart looking for the cosmic cube in Thor The Dark World find the Infinity Gauntlet and become more then Thor can handle and unlease something big like The skrulls or galactus and the Guardians of the Galaxy hae to fight him and then the fight comes to earth Avengers 2.

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@Brit said:

Agent Coulson as the Vision!!!!

I second that motion!!

#192 Posted by Rolandthunder25 (100 posts) - - Show Bio

Carol Danvers would also be a good addition.

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This may not be popular, but Hulk going on the rampage could be cool. Someone behind it all (Ultron?) Avengers bring in new members to help stop Hulk. This would really test the "team" dynamics and set up a third movie once the true adversary was figured out. (If Ultron, origins could be explored in movie without stand alone movie and really set the stage for a massive third movie.)

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I think they will be introducing a lot of new characters in all the solo squeals but none of them will be in the second avengers. Its like war machine in iron man 2. He made no appearance in avengers. I think the hulk and thor should be out of most of the movie in avengers two. They are the big guns of the group and i can see them coming at the climax of the movie and changing the tide of the battle. I doubt thanos will be the villain in Avengers 2. I think he will be the antagonist in guardians of the galaxy.

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@EdBlank said:

Apparently it's gonna be Thanos. I am so f***ing bored with the maniacal powerhouse villian just deciding that today's the day he's gonna destroy Earth FOR NO REASON. And they ALWAYS attack New York don't they. That place should be a big rubble pile by now. YAWN. The storyline of the Avengers movie was so stale. It was alot of fun to just see the comics come off the page and I enjoyed the movie enough to see it thrice, but I was groaning at the whole set up the entire time. Please G-d do not make a second movie where Thanos shows up, attacks New York, and they hit him with another nuke. No super hero movie should ever ever ever use the ticking time bomb ever ever ever again. What they SHOULD do is bring in Wonder Man. His story includes the Masters of Evil, Ultron, and Vision. He's a powerhouse and he started as a bad guy. Then he can turn good at the end *sniff*. I have been watching Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and if they can do Wasp (especially) and Pym in as exciting a way as the cartoon then please add them to the roster.

So you're not going to watch it if it's Thanos?

#196 Posted by mettlekm (417 posts) - - Show Bio

doing a little research here of imdb, here are rumors. Looks like Falcon & Winter Soldier introduced in Cap 2. Mandarin in Iron Man 3. Malekith in Thor. Add to that Thanos at end of Avengers, and...

I have no clue. Either way, just gonna sit back and hope for another good one!

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@Lvenger said:

@SpidermanWins said

Or just this, yeah this is a way better idea. But still, Giant Man suit too. Plus keep Hawkeye, he should have more screen time. I say keep Thor out of it either mostly or completely in the film, even though he's my favorite. Mostly because, what does Ultron have to do with him? Plus he's back in Asgard, I just don't see him for the film if they use what you said. They should keep him out of it, maybe having a big Thanos teaser at the end, a BIG one. But that's just my opinion.

No Thor? But who'll shout "Ultron we would have words with thee!" He should pop up later but not at all is a bit much.

Yeah, maybe just have him come back later.... or they could have the Avengers split up like they didn't do with the first. That way no Avengers taken out but it wont seem jumbled.

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I think the alien-invasion that the Avengers 1 centered around scraps [most regrettably] the idea of a Skrull invasion. To the general public that isn't comic-savy, it would be too much like a rehashing of old problems: aliens coming in for one reason or another. At least, in an immediate sequel. Maybe put the idea on the back burner for a later movie? Considering that the Avengers just "Assembled" in the last film, I think that also eliminates the option of Civil War for the 2nd film, pushing it back to a 3rd or 4th installment. You can't get the band together and immediately tear it apart! That's just silly! In complete honesty, to do things well, the two companies do need to work together for a Spiderman&X-Men&FF&Avengers cast. Not all at once, mind you, but the different stories should intersect. It's what the fans want in their bones, and it would seriously put the film revenue above and beyond anything else. Something like that for a 3rd or 4th film would allow the perfect backdrop for Civil War. I feel like Dark Reign would be a good move and, shoot, even House of M would be sweet as lead ins. They could even use Thanos as a lead-in for a redo on Galactus, bringing the FF and the Avengers together. But, there again, it all would have to come after there's an agreement between the companies holding the copyrights. Seriously, I think they can all come out of a co-op very, very wealthy if they would swallow their pride. Think about the magic other franchises/directors have made together! And considering how some of the other titles have been tarnished, Fox and Sony could definitely use some of Disney's magic touch...

Whatever the franchise war gives us, there needs to be more than just Thanos as a villain. A team of 4+ superhuman individuals against one, even if said villain has a killer army or is overpowered, is kind of a no-brainer on who will win. Even if it is Thanos. Loki has to be there once more, helping Thanos out of his bitterness towards Earth. And, lest anyone forgets, Red Skull was transported by the Tesseract to one of the other realms in the Captain America movie. He could definitely pop in anywhere in the villain roster to give some hell. If Marvel adds more heroes [which it will] to the roster, this adds even more to the need for multiple antagonists. Maybe in some sort of Masters of Evil plot like many are suggesting. I'd love to see Wasp or Ms. Marvel [open to anyone, really, though I'm all for the impossible Wolverine&Spiderman], and I think we have to give the public the benefit of the doubt. The Marvel Universe isn't overcrowded [disconnected? Because of poor planning on copyright usage and movies that really screwed things up? Yes.]. I think people can keep up with a bigger cast of heroes. It's the only way to "one-up" the first film, really.

As far as the actual plot, they need to put some depth into this one. Don't make things so obvious as to the real problem. After the Dark Knight Rises, I think people want more from superhero stories...

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During the first phase of movies the extra scenes were Fury assembling the Avengers. This phase should have the extra scenes as Thanos assembling the Masters of Evil. Mandirin from IM3 Zemo from Cap 2 Malekith the Accursed from Thor2 Ultron from Antman. Avengers 2 will be them laying siege to Earth. Thanos uses the MOE to create as much Death and Destruction as possible to please Death.

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Split the team and add new members to each of the rosters.

Avengers & Defenders!

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