No Surprise-'The Avengers 2' Already in Development

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@AlKusanagi: What they should do is release three movies in a year, two big blockbusters that everyone will love (like the Avengers) and a smaller third one later in the year that is a little darker and grittier with an ad campaign that show this won't be like the others so that people will like it. That way they could get people more familiar with their characters and still make some money.

@Skaddix: Thank you for agreeing that an Ant Man movie wouldn't be a good idea

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Joss Whedon is the most magnificent director EVEEEEERR!!!!

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Hopefully we get 2 good MARVEL made movies a year.

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I have a question: Why not the Masters of Evil? (as the bad guys for Avengers 2)

Hear me out. We just had each member of the Avengers basically introduced in each of their own solo movies so the general public can begin to understand and see the Avengers as how we already see them. So in the solo movies that would be released between the first and second Avengers movies, why not introduce the Masters of Evil separately and have them imply that they are gathering together in the background that mostly only the audience can see to attack in Avengers 2 united.

Most of us already know that the Mandarin will be the main antagonist for Iron Man 3, and I hold high hopes for the Enchantress to make an appearance in Thor 2 (hopefully as the main antagonist and third love interest, and not just Loki's lackey). Should Baron Zemo be the antagonist for Captain America 2, it would be great for him to assemble these powerful supervillains together under the promise that by working together and under his command, they can destroy the Avengers (whom each member has a personal vendetta against) and take over the world as the Masters of Evil. (A side note: they could even just call themselves the "Masters" like how Hawkeye was called "the Hawk" to make it sound more modern and believable in a movie setting).

It doesn't necessarily have to be those characters though. We already know the Mandarin is the bad guy for Iron Man 3, and I only chose the Enchantress because she's one of my favourite Marvel supervillains that I hope to see in Thor 2 or 3, and Baron Zemo was the original leader of the Masters of Evil in comics, but you get the idea. They can even have characters like Black Widow and Hawkeye in Avengers that didn't get their own solo movies to be major antagonists in, but are minor villians that get their debut united in Avengers 2 as members of the Masters of Evil.

We need something to top the first movie without getting out of hand (and without feeling like another invasion or massive war with superheroes as soldiers). If they introduce these characters separately (just like each Avenger was introduced separately) then put them together, it could still be believable without feeling like an over-ensemble cast. And I agree to the idea that Thanos should be left as an Avengers 3 villain.

Whoever reads this, please give me your ideas or comments. Shoot the idea down if you want to, I just want to see if this idea is worth hoping for.

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Keep winning Marvel.

For me, for us, your fans.

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Guardians of the Galaxy or Ant-Man


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@SadiaVicious said:

Keep winning Marvel.

For me, for us, your fans.


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The Avengers was incredible! I cant wait for a sequel

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@trinity_stormbreaker: good idea
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They have said that A2 will be more personal. For me, that means two options: Under Siege and Ultron origin. Since they haven't established a proper base (is it the Helicarrier? Is it Stark Tower?), they can't go with Under Siege (and therefore, no Masters, since this is their ultimate story). So, we have Ultron. Why would that be more personal? Well, what if an Avenger creates their biggest enemy?

Well, you would tell me that Pym doesn't exist yet in Marvel Cinematic Universe. I could tell you that they could introduce him in the upcoming movies. I'd like to see him as the co-star of Iron Man 3. We have seen how fascinated can Tony become when he stands next to a great scientist. The same could be done here. He discovers that this man has probably created the biggest invention of the century and decides to offer him a place in Stark Industries and a membership in Avengers (he doesn't listen to Nick Fury, so I'm sure he could made such decisions without asking anyone). In the after credits scene, we see him develop Ultron. As the movies are released, we see him in small roles, establishing him even more as an Avenger, The audeiences would learn him, they would think of him as an Avenger (of course with him, Janet will be there). And in A2, he would complete "Project:Ultron". That's my theory. :)

In 2016, they should made the Ant-Man movie. His powers are more suitable for stelath operations and espionage stuff and it wouldn't feel right to introduce AIM, SHIELD vs. HYDRA and other similar concepts in his movie. And I think it would be great for Pym to gain his team's trust again and struggle with redemption. So, they could introduce all these teams and concepts in a SHIELD movie (2015), starring Fury, Hawkeye, Widow and Hill. Maybe Quake too. And i'd be happy if they would made a Hulk movie in 2016, not in 2015.

What about Guardians of Galaxy? (there are spoilers from the after-credits scene)

They could make Thanos as the villain. I mean, he has the army and we could see him in Thor 2 as a mysterious figure who stole the Gauntlet from Odin's Vault. And then he could launch a full assault on the entire universe. That's how GoG are introduced. Add the Chitauri. People are familiar with them, they will see the connection.

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I have to say that now is one of the best times ever to be a Marvel Comics fan. I've been excited since the first Iron Man for the heroes I love to become reality and man have they blown my mind.

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As Stan Lee once  said: EXCELSIOR!

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I wonder what Chris Evans said that was so funny. (Referring to picture above in article)

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My question is, will they keep the same cast, add more characters to the cast, or rotate new ones in (dropping others)? Will we get to see War Machine for example? Will we get to see any of the new characters, like the Guardians of the Galaxy or Ant Man & Wasp?

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I want Black Panther and/or Ant-man & wasp in the next avengers film

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@GR2Blackout said:

KANG AND THANOS! (A guy can dream, can't he?)

That's what I'm talking about

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Deservedly do. If Whedon agrees to direct, (which he should) then like Nolan's Batman franchise, I shall have faith in the sequel.

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ok, once again, my friends insisted on leaving as soon as the credits rolled. Please Please Please somebody PM me and tell me what I missed? It's really not likely I'll get back to the movies any time soon.

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@RedVelvet said:

ok, once again, my friends insisted on leaving as soon as the credits rolled. Please Please Please somebody PM me and tell me what I missed? It's really not likely I'll get back to the movies any time soon.

I PMed you.

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My Hero! I knew it would be you who saved me!

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I may be "prisoner of the moment" but this movie is def my favorite comicbook movie at this point easy....It's just that damn good. MARVEL Studios really haven't put out a bad movie at this point and this one is just momument to their dedication and hard work.....Can't wait for the 2nd one.....MORE THANOS PLEASE!!!!

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I was thinking about the Thanos thing. While yes they showed it in the end of Avengers they have show previews before and they are always a hint at the next Marvel movie not the next sequel. Considering Thanos first showed up in Iron Man this is a posibility, or even Thor as I've read in a comment. Guardians of the Galaxy even seems like a good fit. Or they can do a multi-movie crossover that finally leads into The Avengers 2.

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i am not surprised at all!

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No surprise there :P

*still has yet to see the movie* Nooooooooo!! *shakes fists*

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I don't care what anyone says. I want Thanos as villain, and Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Make it happen Joss!

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Ah hell yeah!!! I can't freaking wait. Hell, I can't freaking wait to watch the first one for a second time.

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@fps_dean said:

Thank god. Avengers was awesome.

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So I guess the lineup for Avengers 2 would be: Ironman, Cap, Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow. I guess they would either add Black Panther and Dr. Strange/Luke Cage/Iron Fist? Just a thought

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in avengers 2. they need to put black panther,quasar,scarlet witch, quicksilver and ms. marvel cause six isn't enough

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