I Told You So About Panning the Avengers

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When I first posted my blog about critics would not being well received for panning the Avengers, not because the movie is good or bad (its good BTW) but because crazy fanboys can't take criticism very well. And it happened. Like worst s*** is bound to happen in real life, this was not exception. A female reviewer gave Avengers a negative review and because she dared to not like the movie, she is now being threatened by the fanboys.Well she is not alone.

Now, I won't review it (at least not here) because there is nothing I say about this movie is different from what everyone is saying; its really awesome. But lets make two things clear, folks. First: people are allowed to have their opinion. If someone crazy enough to say this movie blows, them you leave them be, ignored their opinion and enjoy the movie regardless. Second: this may be the best superhero ever even the best action flick ever, but this is FAR as action movies goes. I admit the Avengers isn't the best movie ever, even more then Citzen Kane or Casablanca like some assholes out there are doing right now. Probably won't win Oscars of best directing or acting (maybe visuals or sound effects). And most certainly won't make Joss Whedon even greater than Orson Welles or all greatest directors of all time together.

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