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"Strangers on an Astral Plane" Script by Roy Thomas. Art by John Buscema. Cover by John Buscema. Two eternal enemies of the Prince of Asgard and the Lion of Olympus join forces! The ancient gods, Pluto and Loki, devise a new scheme in which each one will destroy the other’s long-time foe! So Zeus won’t be able to blame Pluto, and Odin won’t be able to blame Loki for the deaths of their beloved sons! A brilliant plan! And the god of lies and mischief is up first! Loki descends into Tartarus and frees Typhon, the immortal enemy of the Olympians! And without wasting any time, Typhon (and his helpers from Tartarus) ambush Hercules in a Manhattan restaurant! By the time Earth’s Mightiest Heroes arrive, Typhon has already defeated Hercules and taken him to Hades! But they don’t stay for long as the banished Olympian (with Hercules in tow) moves onto to his final destination…majestic Olympus! With a bold stroke, Typhon extinguishes the Promethean flame and the gods of Olympus disappear! Is that it? Have Loki and Typhon triumphed? Not quite! Once Thunderstrike transports the Avengers to home of the gods, the donnybrook among the deities begins! Can the star-spangled avenger and the Prince of Power overcome Typhon? While Crystal and Thunderstrike try to relight the Promethean flame? For the sake of Olympus…they must! Cameo appearances by Zeus and Persephone. Avengers Lineup: Captain America, Crystal, Giant-Man, Hercules, Thunderstrike, and the Vision. Second story: “Master of His Own Density” Script and art by Al Milgrom. While sitting on monitor duty and surfing cyberspace, the Vision accidentally exposes his synthezoid mind to an internet virus! And this virus is actually a super-villain called Glitch! So Giant-Man helps the Vision eliminate the Glitch!

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