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After escaping the Avengers in the previous issue, the Sub-Mariner happens upon an Eskimo tribe, worshiping a mysterious man frozen in the ice of the North Sea.

Captain America Joins The Avengers

Still smarting from his defeat at the hands of The Avengers (last issue), Namor The Sub-Mariner begins searching for his people who deserted him after the events of Fantastic Four Annual #1. During his search he comes across an Eskimo tribe who are worshiping a mysterious figure frozen in ice. Namor callously tosses their idol into the ocean and swims away. The Avengers are testing out their new submarine and they find the man in the ice, bringing him aboard the sub.

The man in the ice awakens and reveals that he is Captain America who disappeared shortly before the end of World War II. The Avengers are set to introduce Cap to a waiting press corps when they are suddenly turned into stone statues. Captain America and Rick Jones team up to track down the mysterious villain. Cap and Rick eventually find the mystery bad guy who is an alien, trapped on earth. He turned the avengers to stone after making a deal with Sub-Mariner to free his trapped spacecraft.

Captain America and Rick Jones convince the alien to restore The Avengers, and together the team frees the alien spacecraft from the ocean floor. While the alien is making repairs, The Sub-Mariner again attacks, this time with help from his imperial guard. The battle is interrupted by the launch of the alien spacecraft, finally escaping its prison. The Sub-Mariner makes his escape back to the sea.


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Captain America Returns! 0

More than two decades after Jack Kirby first created Captain America, Marvel literally dredges him from the depths and adds him to The Avengers roster.   Picking up right where last issue left off, Namor has vowed revenge on The Avengers, and as he travels the world, he comes upon an Eskimo tribe worshipping a figure encased in ice. In his ire, he tosses the ice block into the ocean. As it drifts southward into the Gulf Stream, it thaws, freeing it's prisoner, Captain America, who remained in su...

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No wonder it's a Marvel classic 0

This issue has it all. The return of a famous superhero, the world's greatest team against Namor, and the death of Bucky Barnes. The one bit in this issue I don't like is the part where an alien turns the Avengers to stone; I really don't like it when they add aliens or robots to issues that they're out of place in. Apart from that minor  flaw, this is a classic. The cover has a brilliant picture  of the Avengers, all ready for action and prepared to fight  for justice.  The style is just great,...

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