dark_noldor's The Avengers #386 - Taking A.I.M. (Prelude): Shadow Hunt review

Facing Fear Without Cap?

Now that Marvel is all about Fear Itself, it was very cool reading this issue back from 1995 when the Red Skull quoted more than once that he´s Fear, it was a nice coincidence, or just a thread perhaps, 16 years in the making? LOL Seriously now, this issue is about action, battle and the cunnings of Herr Skull. Medina´s art isn´t perfect or balanced, but he really delivered great scenes here, especially the fighting of Widow Vs Red Skull. I´m still finding the dialogues a little off, can´t get out the feeling that Harras burn out everything that he had for the Avengers and Kavanagh sure isn´t helping. The best thing about this issue is Hercules trying to save the day just to fall under a trick and the fact is that the Red Skull stomped the Avengers and if not for something to call his atention he could have killed them all. I don´t think this whole thing involving Natasha and her old friend and this plot about high energy flares and places getting destroyed are somehow connected, proving that his plot isn´t very good at all. But it was nice seeing the action and a different artist, Medina really did a good stint here, except for his faces that´s umberable. It was a nice issue, not great though.
3.5 out 5

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