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After an attack from the Unspeakable One, the Avengers plan a retreat to their home dimension with Ramskov in tow. Plus, the origin of Rage revealed!

She-Hulk is attacked by one of the creatures from the dimension of exile, which draws the Avengers into battle. As Ngh and Xa view the battle from above, Ngh hypnotizes Xa to befriend the Avengers in order for to gain access to their dimension and regain his powers.

While Rage assists She-Hulk, Xa comes to the defense of Captain America against Ffurg and Grogg, who were intent on attacking Lt. Ramskov, Zhukova and Dr. Estivez. After the exiles retreat, Ngh throws a boulder at Xa, injuring her in the process and requiring the Avengers return home to give her medical attention.

Thor transports them back to New York City where the media is waiting for them on the scene. While the reporters question Captain America about the federal government revoking the charter of the Avengers, there is an assassination attempt made on Ramskov but Zhukova steps in front of the bullet and is killed. Ramskov recognizes the assassin as one of the men in lead suits from Chernobyl but now deformed.

Diamondback suddenly appears looking for Captain America but he cuts their conversation short to head off to talk to Rage. Sersi and Diamondback exchange insults while the unknown assassin ingests a suicide pill, refusing to speak about the secrets of Chernobyl to Ramskov.

Meanwhile, Rage recounts his origin to Captain America before they come under rocket fire from L.D. 50, a local drug dealer. At Metropolitan Hospital, Dr. Estivez informs She-Hulk of Xa’s recovery but after their departure, Xa opens the dimensional portal allowing Ngh and the other exiles to cross over.

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