otoboke's The Avengers #3 - The Avengers Meet Sub-Mariner review

The Avengers Meet Sub-Mariner

In the spirit of the original Hulk series which we thankfully saw the last of near the start of 1963, this latest outing for Marvel's supergroup The Avengers sees the heroes battle it out with yet another carnation of Hulk that transforms back and forth between monster and human almost uncontrollably—though without any apparent trigger. And as if that isn't enough, we also get the re-appearance of Namor, this time outside of a Fantastic Four mag—the only time this has happened to date with the exception of Strange Tales 107.

The result is... underwhelming. Much like when the FF fought it out with the green titan in Fantastic Four #12 last year, the majority of this epic battle is simply too much with too little. Think of it like compensating for not knowing what to really capitalise on with all these heroes featuring in the same comic. I mean, not only this but even The Four, Spider-Man and The X-Men make brief appearances here too. In the end however, much of it is inconclusive and ineffective. Hulk is still on the loose, Namor returns to the sea as always andThe Avengers go on being avengers. It's action-packed, sure; but the action is mediocre and predictable at best.

A big disappointment considering how fun the previous issue was.

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