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The Avengers Further Refined; Still Kind of Silly

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby continue to refine The Avengers. The Hulk has definitely crossed over to being an adversary, so that's a lineup change. Additionally, almost all the characters have some refinements to their costumes: Giant-Man's costume replaces the big black circle & 'Y' design with 8 small vertical lines on his chest; Iron Man is no longer in an all yellow clunky looking suit - now he sports a more form-fitting red and yellow similar to what he wears today; The Wasp no longer has her bee's butt pointy headdress, and The Hulk has tattered purple pants instead of the big purple diaper.
Unfortunately, there seems to be less thought in the story - for example, at one point Iron Man says that Anthony Stark has a Image Projector they can use... after using it he says, "I had a chance to test my Image Projector" (his identity was secret at this time).
Another example happens in a battle in some caves where Namor calls his ally a clod unnecessarily and in the middle of a long soliloquy delivered to warn Hulk to avoid an incoming shell. Then he follows up by shooting something at Iron Man, who automatically knows it's 'an emery dust pellet' which instantly immobilizes him! Then Thor throws his hammer, which bounces against the walls, ceiling and floor of the cave for almost a full minute, but doesn't cause a cave-in, even though mere punches by other characters do cause cave-ins. Finally in the silliest of this sequence of panels, Giant-Man tells Wasp to "Fly through these caves, quickly!! See if you can find any old, abandoned Oxygen equipment which may still be operational!", and (you guessed it), she does find some.
This kind of lazy writing is by no means endemic to just this title - it seems to be rife throughout the industry from the earliest days down to today... it just seems to be really standard for Stan Lee at this time - probably due to pushing out so many titles each month.

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