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Superbrawl! 0

This is the slobberknocker that's been building up since the very first issue. Hulk has left the Avengers. He's now on the run and seems more out of control than ever. Even Rick Jones and the dreaded Teen Brigade can't get him to settle down. With the Hulk being a former team-mate (for one issue!) and all of that, the Earth's Mightiest Heroes feel it's up to them to get a hold of the beast and get him under control. So the first half of the issue focuses on the Avengers hunting down the green me...

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Fun issue, inconsistent characterization 0

This issue is considered one of the highlights among Hulk's early appearances and a pretty good 1960s issue for Namor. Personally I find a very enjoyable look at all major characters involved. But the characterizations are rather inconsistent throughout the issue. Particularly that of the Hulk himself. Stan Lee seems to be still experimenting here.   Anyway, the issue begins with Iron Man convincing his fellow Avengers (Giant-Man, Thor, Wasp) of the necessity to locate the Hulk. Fearing that the...

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The Avengers Further Refined; Still Kind of Silly 0

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby continue to refine The Avengers. The Hulk has definitely crossed over to being an adversary, so that's a lineup change. Additionally, almost all the characters have some refinements to their costumes: Giant-Man's costume replaces the big black circle & 'Y' design with 8 small vertical lines on his chest; Iron Man is no longer in an all yellow clunky looking suit - now he sports a more form-fitting red and yellow similar to what he wears today; The Wasp no longer has h...

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The Avengers Meet Sub-Mariner 0

In the spirit of the original Hulk series which we thankfully saw the last of near the start of 1963, this latest outing for Marvel's supergroup The Avengers sees the heroes battle it out with yet another carnation of Hulk that transforms back and forth between monster and human almost uncontrollably—though without any apparent trigger. And as if that isn't enough, we also get the re-appearance of Namor, this time outside of a Fantastic Four mag—the only time this has happened to date with the e...

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