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Scott Lang visits an incarcerated Hank Pym in an attempt to bolster his spirits. At a high society party, Jan finds herself rekindling an attraction to Tony Stark. But before romance can blossom between Tony and Jan, a revelation about the true identity of Iron Man must be revealed!

Since her difficult divorce several issues ago, Janet Van Dyne has been moving on her with life and enjoying her role as chairperson of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. And perhaps now it's time to move on with her love life as well. After meeting at a high society party, Tony Stark and the Wasp begin dating. Is that really a good idea considering the golden avenger's secret identity? Captain America doesn't think so! And that kicks off a series of three very uncomfortable conversations! First, Tony Stark and Cap, then Iron Man and Thor, and finally Shell-head and the Wasp! Everything started with good intentions, but is everything going to end that way? Meanwhile, Ant-Man makes a secret visit to Ryker's Island to talk with Hank Pym. However, the former avenger doesn't want to be sprung from prison. He plans to clear his name the right way!

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