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Moondragon continues to manipulate ally and foe alike with her telepathic powers. But has Drax the Destroyer had enough of her mind games? Plus, Moondragon faces the judgment of Odin after her enchantment spell on Thor goes awry!

War Against The Gods!

Iron Man tries to convince Drax that his mind has been manipulated by Moondragon, citing the recent events on Ba-Bani and his acting out of character. Drax manages to overcome her psychic hold and becomes enraged as he and Iron Man meet up with Captain America and Wasp, who have also discovered Moondragon’s mental hold on the planet’s citizens as the same rebel army they fought cleans the battlefield.

At Moondragon’s temple, Thor has fallen under her control as Moondragon tricks him into believing that they know what is best for all and to enforce her will even against his friends.

In the central square, Drax is destroying every statue of his daughter before Thor finally arrives on the scene. With their combined might, the Avengers and Drax manage to restrain Thor as Iron Man tries to reason with him but to no avail.

A lightning bolt from Mjolnir stuns them all but Iron Man, who attacks Thor in a rage but soon stops, fearing Moondragon’s control over his actions. The others regroup but Thor will not let them pass even though he knows they may be right so he changes back to Donald Blake, who Moondragon has no control over.

At Moondragon’s temple, she manages to halt them all before they can attack except for Drax, who struggles inch-by-inch propelled by rage before finally falling at her feet. In using all her psionic powers to subdue Drax, the other Avengers have recovered.

While Moondragon prepares for hand-to-hand combat, Wasp sneaks up on her, grows to normal size and knocks her out with a single blow.

As their ship heads back to Earth, Drax lays dying as every nerve ending in his brain has been damaged beyond repair. Blake changes back to Thor and transports Moondragon to Asgard to stand trial for her actions before Odin.

The ship drops off Captain America, Iron Man and Wasp at a scrap yard in Brooklyn before serving as a funeral pyre for their fallen ally.

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