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A young boy appears at the door of Avengers Mansion. He tells the team he is immortal, and asks their help in controlling his regenerative powers. Iron Man studies the boy for a day, and learns that his life-cycle is tied to the Earth. The Forever Man cannot die as long as the Earth exists. The Avengers are divided on how to help the boy. Captain America and Wasp argue against de-powering the Forever Man just to allow him to commit suicide.

The Forever Man runs away from Avengers Mansion. He travels to Cape Canaveral. Once there, he cons his way onto the base and sneaks onto the Star Core Three rocket. The rocket is launched and plunges into the sun. The Forever Man dies. But he is reborn as a flaming creature, which returns to Earth. The Avengers are called to fight the creature as it rampages through New York. They quickly learn that the flaming monster is the Forever Man. Captain America uses his shield to weaken the monster. The creature enters a rage, which Iron Man says is leading it towards a nova-like explosion. Thor summons a powerful vortex around the creature; propeling the fiery Forever Man into the depths of space.

The battle is over. As the Avengers survey the destruction, they find the Forever Man regrowing into a boy again. The boy seems to have no memory of being the Forever Man. But the look in the boy's eyes as the issue ends leaves us wondering if the boy has really forgotten.

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