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Henry Pym is down in the dumps after his foolish actions several issues ago. He's lost his teammates, his wife, and his reputation. The impoverished avenger is trying to rebuild his life, when he has a chance encounter with a long-time foe...Egghead! Apparently Egghead needs Dr. Pym's help in providing a new prosthetic device to his niece, Trish Starr. Can the devious super-villain be trusted? Unfortunately the answer is no as Hank Pym's mission of mercy turns into a blackmail operation! Egghead will kill Trish, if Yellowjacket doesn't steal tanks of adamantium resin from the Strategic Air Command in Nebraska! Without any other options, the former avenger steals the tanks. However during the escape, four super-heroes arrive on the scene to confront him! It's four heroes Hank Pym knows very well: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and the Wasp! And as depicted on the terrific cover, Yellowjacket fights the Avengers to the finish...a heartbreaking finish.

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