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Dr. Liu, the Yellow Claw's assistant, comes to Avengers Mansion to warn the team about Claw’s ulterior motives. Liu is promptly killed by remote control before he can utter more than a set of coordinates. The Vision remains at the mansion to recuperate, while the rest of the team investigates Liu’s coordinates in the Australian desert.

Shadow Of The Claw!

The Avengers have returned home following their overseas encounter with the Yellow Claw on his island fortress. But Captain America remains suspicious about the aging villain and his operations in the South China Sea. When one of the Claw's repentant henchmen shows up at Avengers Mansion, Earth's Mightiest Heroes blaze a trail back across the Pacific Ocean to Australia! However, the Bludgeoner, Transformer, and Compressor are lying in wait for the heroes down under! While Cap, Shell-head, and company duel with the killer cyborgs, the Vision takes the battle directly to the Chinese mastermind himself! Can the Avengers scratch and claw their way to victory? Or will the Yellow Claw and his offspring rule the world?


  • Bob Budiansky was credited for "Plot" and was also the Assistant Editor on this issue.
  • Avengers Line-Up: Vision, Scarlet Witch, Wonder Man, Iron man, Captain America, Wasp, Beast & Jocasta.
  • Features the Hostess Cup Cakes ad, The Human Torch In "Blown About"

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