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The Avengers are fighting Crusher Creel, the Absorbing Man, on a boat on the Hudson River. He grabs Ms. Marvel and throws her over the reeling, Beast jumps after her for the rescue, but he can't swim. Vision beats Crusher with his own ball and Iron Man absorbs his electricity. Ms. Marvel and Beast are back and Absorbing Man is thrown by Iron Man into a warehouse. Iron Man has to leave to release the immense power he absorbed.

At the mansion, Gyrich and Jarvis are talking when Cap and an newly recruited Falcon arrive. They hurry to the harbor to help the others. Beast is fighting him and Cap uses his shield. But this helps the Absorbing Man and Ms. Marvel starts beating him up. Iron Man comes back and the fight continues until Crusher kidnaps Sandy Herkovitz again. There is another stand-off between Crusher and Vision after which Crusher falls into the water and swims towards the ship. Before the others can obtain him the disperses himself into the water, vanishing completely.

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