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While hosting a charity benefit at the Museum of Natural History, the Avengers encounter Bloodhawk. The avian villain makes off with a rare artifact from the island of Muara. How will the Avengers return the Muara Totem to its rightful exhibit? And why did Bloodhawk need the totem in the first place?

Slowly Slays the Stinger!

The Avengers gather at a museum to raise funds and awareness about the building. As the party progresses a creature called Bloodhawk (accompanied by his mentor) arrive at the museum. Bloodhawk goes crazy and attacks all the avengers in a fit of rage. He is after an ancient totem taken from his home of Maura, a small island far away. The avengers eventually subdue him, and keep him in custody.

Meanwhile, a bad guy called, 'the Stinger' is on a secret mission trying to capture the Avengers!


  • Features the Hostess Fruit Pies ad, Captain Marvel Meets The Dreadnought

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