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"...Where Angels Fear To Tread"

The Avengers are following Jocasta throw New York City trying to locate Ultron. A nun gives a ride to Jocasta sent by Ultron and takes her to her convent. With a device created by Tony Stark the Avengers are able to find the convent and there, with the help of Ms. Marvel, are attacked by Ultron itself. The robot sends Scarlet Witch to a room full of mirrors in order to confuse her because her hex powers are the only that could defeat him. Ms. Marvel defeats the robot nun and frees Scarlet Witch, and with her powers, she destroys Ultron's adamantium armor, making his powers escape into Thor's hammer. At the end, when they all had thought everything was ok, they realize that Captain America and Jocasta were gone.


  • Features the Hostess Fruit Pies ad, The Hulk In "Leave Me Alone"
  • This issue won an Eagle Award in 1979 for "Best Continuing Story" as part of "The Korvac Saga".

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