no_name_'s The Authority: The Lost Year #3 review

The Authority: The Lost Year #3

The Authority: The Lost Year #3

Story by: Grant Morrison and Keith Giffen
Written by: Keith Giffen
Art by: Darick Robertson and Trevor Scott
There are few artists that can capture the fluidity of movement and still maintain a gritty style; Darick Robertson however does exactly that. The first four pages exemplify his personal artistic style to perfection. If you have not and are not planning on picking up the two previous issues of The Authority, then there is really no sense in getting this one because you may not grasp what is going on. The content is somewhat graphic and the art is suggestive in some scenes, but entertaining, nonetheless. The book maintains an interesting plot and story and is very well structured, but without an understanding of these individual characters it is near impossible to read. One thing is certain, these guys are a hell of a lot more interesting than the Justice League. The script is well organized which is evident in the artistry of the first four pages. I personally love a good fight scene without dialogue; it is a great example of the artist's talent. While it was a fun read, I did have some trouble being engaged throughout the entire story and it felt no different (to me) than reading any other super hero book.
3 out of 5
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