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1920 - Jenny Sparks stops aging at age 20 and is present when the Sliding Albion first make contact with our world. She describes it as an age of scientific romance and claims she loved it.

1953-Jenny Sparks meets Saul Baxter (Lord Emp) at a secret gathering which includes "blue bloods". She reveals that the British government has been hiding the existence of the Sliding Albion since they first appeared in the 1920's. Later, Jenny receives word that Sliding Albion has gone to war with Europe on their parallel Earth and that they stand on the verge of Parallel World War One. In an act of desperation, Sliding Albion opens a rift between the two worlds, effectively deflecting a biological attack on the populace of Wildstorm's London.

1999-The battle between the United States Air Force and The Authority against the Sliding Albion rages on in the skies above Los Angeles.

The Doctor turns an Albion ship into roses but lets another one crash into a building at the request of Jack Hawksmoor  and Midnighter . The two then infiltrate the ship and proceed to take out the remaining crew members.

An Albion commander prepares for retreat but as he does, Jenny Sparks taps into their radio frequency. As she electrocutes an entire Albion squadron she reminds the rest of their force that some of them may remember her and that Earth is still under her protection. She then tells them to get the hell out. The Albion ships quickly comply and disappear into a rift.

Later on The Carrier , Jenny recounts to The Authority the story of the Sliding Albion. She tells them that on the Earth where Sliding Albion are from, alien contact was overt. It led to the two cultures intermingling which led to a Renaissance-like culture with advanced technology. When the society became stagnant, they used their technology to search The Bleed for other worlds to conquer. After years of peaceful relations with them, they deflected a biological attack on London in 1953.

Jenny then says she knows who to talk to concerning these attacks. She tells The Authority o fRendelsham , a covert branch of the British government and "near-human" they have in captivity she needs to talk to. After getting cleared by Rendelsham, Jenny takes The Engeneer  and Swift with her to the facility.

Once there, they are led to a holding cell deep within the facility. They see a blue-skinned man sitting in a cell alone, whom Jenny identifies as Lorenzo , her first husband.

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