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Midnighter continues his fight with the super powered lieutenant, impressing him with his skill and speed. He explains his ability to predict battles to his enemy before defeating him, then walks into the street and sees Kaizen Gamorra's headquarters.

Half the world away, The Authority begins battle against The Children of Gamorra. Most of them anyway. The Doctor retreats into his own mind and questions his abilities to be of any help. His conversation with the previous Doctor reveals that he was actually just a junkie before he received his powers. The Doctor tells him that he has all the knowledge of his predecessors and that he'll find a way to deal with the problem. Jeroen snaps back to reality and releases a burst of energy that turns all the Children in front of him (about half of the total attack force) into shards of black glass. Jenny Sparks isn't very pleased with this since the shards are still flying at her. When the shards hit the ground though, they all turn into trees. After his stunt, Jeroen passes out and Jenny Doors him back to the Carrier.

High above the city, Apollo battles some of the Children and asks for some backup since he's so outnumbered. The Engineer is close by but she doesn't help because she isn't sure she's ready. In her words, she's "not a soldier." From somewhere unseen, Jack Hawksmoor tries to encourage Angie. While that's going on, Swift tries to help Apollo but finds herself outnumbered too. While The Engineer was busy doubting herself, a swarm of Children had seen her and were coming to attack. Using the nanomachines in her suit, The Engineer creates a web of sub-atomic knives and cuts them all to nothingness before going to help Apollo and Swift.

Meanwhile, in Gamorra Tower, Midnighter has gotten into the bowels of the building and found the cloning area where Kaizen Gamorra is making all his children. Using Angie's radiotelepathy bug, he calls in to Jenny and tells her what's going on. Suddenly, Kaizen Gamorra himself appears and repeats the words Midnighter had just telepathically communicated. Not ready to face Gamorra, especially after seeing that he has more powers that anticipated, Midnighter Doors back to The Carrier where he finds The Doctor just waking up. With no time to talk, Midnighter tries to get the Carrier moving when Jenny calls him to ask what's going on. He says that Gamorra has a bioreactor two miles long and a teleport system, and he can't break either of them. Then he says that his skill is in breaking things until they don't work anymore, and since he can't break them with his own power, he's going to use The Carrier. And he does. The bottom tip of The Carrier smashes through the force field around Gamorra Island and completely destroys most of it, including the building Kaizen Gamorra is standing in.

The battle is over in L.A. and The Authority won. Jenny says they're on their way to making the world a better place.

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