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Swift and The Doctor walk around the remains of London and Shen tells Jeroen how she used to be a pacifist. She gave it up because it wasn't fast enough. "Sometimes, it's just not a good enough world that you can work or it without hurting people badly." Just then, Shen hears two people trapped 30 feet underground. A rescue worker says that they already checked, but Swift knows what she heard. The Doctor moves everything out of the way and the two victims are saved.

The team meets up back at the Carrier and Apollo is still questioning how they'll get through the force field to reach Gamorra Island. To answer his question, Jenny Sparks explains how Doors work. The Carrier exists outside of space and time, but somehow also in the same place as Earth. This is how the Door works. When a location is requested and a person travels through, they reach their destination because The Carrier is everywhere on Earth at the same time. Since the Carrier is touching all of Earth at the same time, stepping through a Door can take you anywhere on Earth, even behind a force field. After that little explanation, the team meets up in the Map Room and Angie shows them something she's figured out. Using the symbol Jack found (Gamorra's circle) and mapping it on the planet, she determined where Gamorra would strike next. Los Angeles.

On Gamorra Island, Kaizen Gamorra watches video of The Authority flying over his island. He recognizes them and wonders why they're there. He then gets a call from Jackson King, Christine Trelane, and a United Nations negotiator. They ask Gamorra what he wants, and he laughs at them. He says he's getting revenge for an act of terrorism perpetrated by former Weatherman Henry Bendix. When the negotiator states that Gamorra had attacked first, he says that terrorism is what he does, and he does it because he can. To show them what he means, he takes one of his servant girls and uses his fingernail to cut his mark on her face. He says when he's done cutting his mark on the planet, everyone will know that he owns it.

In The Carrier, Jenny comes up with a battle plan. Jack Hawksmoor and most of the team will be in L.A. and Midnighter will use a Door and infiltrate Gamorra island. Before they go do their tasks, the team socializes a little bit and Jenny comments that their little mess might actually turn into a team.

The team splits up and Midnighter Doors into Gamorra where he finds a super powered cop. In L.A. the group finds itself already too late. The sky is filled with The Children of Kaizen Gamorra.

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