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The super powered beings that The Authority had destroyed last issue were only the first wave. Now there are more. Lots more.

The Engineer creates tiny "radiotelepathy" bugs so the team can communicate silently. Each bug lands on a member of the team and disappears. They're ready to fight. The battle-ready attitude of the team is summed up in Jack Hawksmoor's next words: "I've been waiting to punch someone in the brains in all goddamn day."

The team goes into a battle plan that they had prepared beforehand. Hawksmoor, Midnighter and Apollo start killing everything near the ground while the Doctor sets up a boundary around the chosen battle zone so normal people can't get hurt. Then Swift and Engineer fly in and take care of the enemies in the air. Apollo finds a bridge covered with enemies and throws it into the river. While they're all trying to get out, Jenny electrocutes them after telling them a little about herself. "Morning, you murdering scumbags." She says. "My name's Jenny Sparks. I'm electricity. I'm a hundred years old and I've never hated anyone as much as you. This is my bloody town you tried to kill, and you're only getting what you deserve."

Midnighter goes around to take out any leftover enemies. He finds one holding a young child and he tells him to let him go. He says that he already knows several ways to kill him without him even seeing him, but all he has to do is put the kid down. The villain doesn't listen, so Midnighter kills him.

Hawksmoor is getting attacked from the sky and needs help so Apollo comes to his rescue. He tears the teleporting equipment off the attacker by accident and the villain starts to fly back to base. Apollo follows. Meanwhile, the rest of the enemies are all teleporting away.

At Gamorra Island, all of Gamorra's Children start appearing. Gamorra is upset. No one should have been in London to stop him. To make sure whoever it is doesn't reach him, Gamorra puts a forcefield around his island. Overhead (outside of the shield), The Authority (except for Apollo) comes through a Door. They realize that if Apollo (still chasing his enemy who's returning to Gamorra Islands) hit the energy dome at his speed, he'll die instantly. To save him, the Doctor takes instantly takes him to a dimension where the kinetic energy of anything traveling over one hundred miles an hour gets turned into music. After Jeroen explains this, they get back to reality.

Jenny knows that they can't get through the force field (well they could if they tried, but there are other things that need to be done) so they return to the carrier. She sends Swift and the Doctor to fix London and tells Apollo and Midnighter to offer aid to Moscow. Engineer is assigned the task of getting all the info she can. When Jack walks her back to her room, they flirt a little.

Later, after word that they're "good with Russia", Apollo and Jenny talk about her leadership. She says she doesn't like it but Apollo says she's good at it and has "a knack for building armies." She accepts the compliment but says that bad things happen when she leads teams, but there's nothing she can do; someone has to save the world, and someone has to change it.

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