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It's the end of the world as we know it...

In This Issue:
Swift endure's a "Soulstorm" and almost has a run in with Eidolon and the "Army of the Mad".  When she races back to Authority HQ the team is split on what to do about the impending confrontation.
In the story involving Lynch, his old teammate Dane, from Wetworks, tells Lynch to go fly a kite.
The Good:
For anyone who doesn't know me, I really dig the post-apocalyptic.  So, seeing all my favorite Wildstorm super-teams trudging through in a story like this is muy bueno in my book.
Simon Colby's artwork is pretty good.  Unfortunately for him, it pales in comparison to Brandon Badeaux's work on the Lynch storyline in the back of the book.  
The Bad:
The whole "Soulstorm" thing kinda threw me off.  It's more of a unique idea than most, which is good, but it just kinda threw me as a weird concept in the element in which it was presented.  It seems like a supernatural event and I would have felt more comfortable, probably, seeing something like this in Wetworks and not Authority.
Also, I assume that this whole "World's End" story is a setup to try and bring in new readers.  If that were the case then a short little thing about who Eidolon is or a quick number on his past would have been good.
The Final Verdict:
I gave it a three and a half, the story is good but it doesn't really stand too well on it's own.  That and a lack of backstory for new readers on Eidolon keeps people from reading not the other way around.
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