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December 31, 1999

The Authority pilot The Carrier through the veins of the "God" alien. The team discusses different ways to kill the alien from the inside. They run into a parasitic civilization that exists within the alien. But Swift finds a way to communicate with the parasites and they pass without incident.

Deeper within the alien, The Carrier is attacked by antibodies. Swift tries to evade them while Angie uses The Carrier's defense systems against the antibodies. The Carrier flies deeper and deeper into the alien, with more of its bodily defenses attacking The Authority. They finally reach the alien's brain. Jenny tells the alien that Earth belongs to humans now and that she has finally discovered her true purpose-to save the Earth. Jenny unleashes an enormous wave of electricity directly into the alien's brain and kills it.

But the time for celebration is cut short. Jenny is dying. She tells the team that since she is the Spirit of the Twentieth century, she dies when the century ends. But she tells the team to continue their mission to save the world. Then, Jenny Sparks dies.

The world celebrates a new year around the globe and somewhere, a baby is born.

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