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As The Engineer watches the giant black triangle-shaped mass descent upon Africa, she sends The Authority images of what she sees. Swift says that The Carrier's scans indicate the object is as big as the moon and it's organic. A weary Jenny Sparks  walks off by herself to think. She contacts The Engineer and asks if she can fly into space. Angie says she can and Jenny tells her to meet Apollo in orbit around the moon.

Angie reaches the moon's orbit. Apollo allows Angie time to set down on the moon and declare herself the first woman on the moon. As they leave the moon, they come face to face with the "God" alien. They see it is pyramid-shaped.

The Doctor fills in the others on the alien and its purpose. Jenny determines that they must kill it but is at a loss as to how. Then Jenny gets an idea and calls for them to try and get The Carrier to leave Earth's orbit.

In Manhattan, Jackson King argues to Christine Trelane that they should have never retired. Just then, Jenny Sparks begins a global transmission to the citizens of Earth. She tells them that The Authority will do all they can to stop the alien.

The Doctor gets The Carrier to let Angie inside it. She convinces The Carrier to leave Earth's orbit to engage the alien. The Doctor then approaches Jenny and tells her it's December 31st. He tells her he 'knows' about her and Jenny tells him not to tell anyone what he knows.

Jenny then orders The Carrier to fly into one of the alien's pores so they can kill it from the inside.

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