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Authority #11: Somewhere Beneath the Pale Moonlight

Issue #11 opening up with interweaving theme of Midnighter and Apollo as literally star crossed lovers. Apollo hasn’t been seen in weeks and has been missing since the little before the Authority/Stormwatch crossover and this issue opens up with Midnighter releasing every signal balloon he can find in hopes that Apollo will return. Since the Carrier’s re-powering Angie seems to have intermittent control over her nano-tech, which she is using to clear out the lower decks of the Carrier. Jack also seems to slowly getting on his feet and getting out of his ‘poor me’ slump. While the Authority’s main story of them in bowls of the Carrier plays out, there’s also a sub-story weaved into the main story narrated by an ‘alien’ unknown voice. The revelations of who’s telling the sub-story was surprising and I think clever with the last page giving the reader a great ‘OH CRAP!’ moment

The Authority under the helm of Abnett & Lanning has been something different from the previous runs; we’re seeing the team at its lowest point and mostly without their heavy hitters and some without their abilities. I know some fans didn’t like seeing their favorite characters struck down to mere mortal statues, but then we wouldn’t get great scenes with Midnighter looking up at the signal balloons with a full moon in the back drop. I’m under no illusion that the Authority will always be cast down forever. I trust DnA to leave the Authority in a better place then they found them.

After an issue off, Coleby is back on the title and bring some great art work with him, as mention before the two page spread of Midnighter and full moon is both beautiful and sad and his rendition of the Engineer is one of my favorites.

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