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Hundreds of black pods that shot from within the moon rocket towards Earth.

Apollo and Midnighter have been sent to Japan to investigate. As the pods rain down on the city, Apollo does his best to incinerate them. But some of the pods make it to the ground and black arrow-shaped creatures emerge. They begin slaughtering citizens as Apollo and Midnigther try to fend off each wave. Midnighter tries to convince Jenny to leave him and Apollo in Japan and destroy it in order to stop the creatures from spreading. Jenny doesn't listen and Jack arrives to help.

Meanwhile, Angie, Jenny, and Swift arrive in Africa to investigate the massive environmental change Angie detected. As soon as the three women step through the Door, they are nearly suffocated by the change in the atmosphere taking place. Angie's nanites allow her to grow new lungs to deal with the poisonous air, but she shoves Jenny and Swift back through the Door in order to save them. Angie then explores the area and finds what she thinks is the alien. She prepares to confront it.

Swift receives word the pods came from the moon. Jenny orders Apollo to sterilize the moon.

Meanwhile, in the Garden of Ancestral Memory, the current Doctor speaks with the past Doctors. They refer to this alien as "God" but The Doctor cannot believe it. The past Doctors explain that this alien created the Earth but did so closer to the sun in order to create an environment to sustain itself. However, when the alien left, a rogue planet hit Earth and knocked a portion of the planet loose. The portion became Earth's moon and within it was the alien's spore. No longer in it's original orbit, Earth's new atmosphere allowed different life to form. Now this alien has returned and it intends to return Earth to its original state which will include the elimination of humanity.

December 30, 1999

Apollo arrives on the moon and incinerates the remaining spores.

In Africa, Angie destroys as much of the alien as she can until she declares it dead. Suddenly, a dark triangle-shaped mass eclipses the sun as it appears overhead.

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