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Things go from bad to worse for Gary Hampton, the Astounding Wolf-Man. His job is on the line, his wife is ready to leave him, his daughter hates him, and heís in the middle of the worst fight of his short career as a superhero. Could things be over before they even truly begin?


The issue begins with Chloe being driven by her mother to their new house. When they arrive at a strip mall and Chloe begins to complain, saying how embarrassing it is being left there. They walk into a store and Rebecca pulls a lever that activates a secret elevator. When the doors reopen Chloe is astonished at an underground fortress. Chloe asks if it is a secret underground hotel, but Gary denies that and says that she must never tell her of its existence. Chloe begins asking questions, but Rebecca decides to just show her. He tells her not to be afraid and then wolfs-out. He explains what happen and how the accident transformed him, but Chloe is to shocked to comprehend it and Dunford takes her to her room, still in shock.

Later that night, Zechariah and Gary head out on patrol. Gary begins saying how calm it is when suddenly he gets attack by the same werewolf pack as before. They began to fight, but the wolf attacking Gary is relentless and ends up being killed. Gary tries to explain, but the wolfs just shrug it off saying that Gary will be very strong one day. Gary asks him why they keep calling him "Elder Brood" and then the lead wolf comments on how secretive Zec is being with him. The lead wolf demands to know where Zec is hiding and ends up attacking Gary. He beats Gary to a pulp then demands again for Gary to reveal Zec. He tells Gary the if he knew what Zec has done, Gary would kill him instead. Zechariah shows up to save Gary, but instead he just argues with the lead wolf. The lead wolf then reveals that Zec actually killed a young female werewolf for her strong blood. Gary demands the truth and Zec admits it is. The lead wolf begins to say that Zec only trained him as a bodyguard. Gary starts screaming at Zec how much he trusted him and thought they were partners. He climaxes but decapitating Zechariah and seemingly killing him. The lead werewolf, revealed to be called Jacobson, begins to take the head as a trophy; Gary disagrees saying it was his kill and his right to dispose of the body. The pack leaves but Jacobson tells Gary he has made a powerful ally. After the pack leaves, Zec reappears out of mist. The team reveals it was a ruse to make the pack leave. Gary asks him if it's really true and Zec confirms it. Zec begins defending himself, but Gary tells him he does not need to justify his actions and the team parts on good terms.

In mysterious security recording room, a man is being tortured for a certain video file. The man tells him there's a price, but the torturers simply watch it anyway. It reveals the night that Gary killed Sergeant Superior and it is reveal that it is the Actioneers who tortured the man.

Back at Zechariah's home a weakened Zechariah begins telling someone he needs blood and that he had hoped to save him for a special occasion; he reveals that without blood he could die. It is revealed that he is actually holding Sergeant Superior captive and he plans to drink his blood.

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