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After the cataclysmic, status quo altering events of last issue, Gary Hampton is left to pick up the pieces of his life. After everything he's been through, things are about to get worse. Could The Astounding Wolf-Man's career as a crime-fighter be over before it's even truly begun? Also in this issue: WEREWOLF FIGHT!


In the opening of the issue we find Gary, obviously depressed, in what seems to be the wolf lair being built last issue. Suddenly Zechariah appears in a batmobile-esque car with the Wolf-Man insignia on the hood. Gary flips and goes wolf on him because he had been missing for two weeks after Gary killed Sergeant Superior. Zec explained that he knew about it and he explained that it was going to happen, but instead of actually simply warning him he would feel better if Gary experienced it. He didn't know it would be taken that far. He told Gary that even though he controls his wolf form every other day, the first night of a full moon will be as feral as his first transformation retaining only a small bit of Gary's psych. Later that night we find Gary, still worried for unknown reasons, making sure his wife new he loved her and that they'd be ok.

The next night Gary went out again for the first time in two weeks with Zec. While they were out we see the first glimpses of the Wolf-Mobile's (unofficial name) abilities including some kind of launch pad in the back that flings Gary into the air. He's on the rooftops trying to save a girl from the villain called Thrill Kill. After finding and pursuing him Thrill Kill decides to give Gary a choice and drops the girl forcing Gary to make a choice between defeating him and saving the girl. Thinking quickly Gary lunges at Thrill and fights him in midair, but manages to grab the girl before they hit the ground. When they land the police arrive and start to arrest Gary when the girl stands up for him. Gary then disappears into the night to avoid confrontation. When he gets back to the car he find Zec being held captive by a group of werewolf's who keeping calling Gary an "Elder Brood", the wolfs have different color which may be a hint to the name. Gary saves Zec who then disappears with little explanation as to what happened.

The next day Gary explains to Rebecca that the company he built has decided to fire him and that they may need to lose some household employees and tighten the belt, when suddenly one of the employees pops in and explains that there are men outside who are basically trying to evict him because the house was bought on company money. Gary freaks and apologies to his wife saying "It's all falling apart."

This issue also contain a larger than ordinary letters column because of fan reaction of the first two issues. The letters column is officially named "Fang Mail".

-A reprint was shipped out on October 17th with a new cover done by Invincible artist Ryan Ottley.-

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