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Gary Hampton puts his newly acquired powers to the test. Wolf-Man finally takes to the streets - saving lives and doing good. How will the public react to him - and can he control the beast within? Don't miss out on the first action-packed adventures of THE ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN!


The man who had previously confronted Gary was revealed to be named Zechariah and he had been training Gary for three weeks now. He explained that he did drink blood but not human blood and he rarely did it. Gary now had almost complete control over his beast form and even aided in a house fire; the media managed to see him and dubbed him the Wolf-Man. Zechariah decided it was time to make it official and he took Gary to the "tailor" to get a supersuit. The suit was designed to store lunar energy to help sustain the wolf form if needed. Wolf-Man later helped a group of super teens called The Actioneers fight off the slime monster Spore. The help was appreciated but Gary withdrew quickly to avoid confrontation. The next night while he was sleeping with his wife he accidentally transformed with no control. He ended up killing one of the heroes who'd helped him.

-A second printing was shipped on August, 29 with an altered cover.-

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Kirkman does it again! 0

I can't praise this book enough. Two issues in and I feel like I've read more then all six of the issues of Batman Confidential. The Wolf-Man character is definatally an old school hero much like Kirkman's other book, Invincible. In this book we find Gary three weeks into his training, he has learned to control his new form and he makes a debut as a hero and gets a new costume. The book sets up a lot here, including hints to a base and some kind of vehicle. It was a great idea to put the first i...

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Astounding? Definitely! 0

Ever since I got the first issue on Free Comic-Book Day, I knew it would be an awesome series. Kirkman is a genius! I mean, taking a creature that is normally feared and thought of as evil, and then making it a hero that the public loves is awesome! I couldn't have thought up a cooler idea for the costume, or the insignia on his chest. The base, as well as the vehicle has never been heard of before with a werewolf, anot to mention ground breaking.It's well written, writing Gary as controlling hi...

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I will admit this is mine first image comic i have ever gotten. I was always a marvel and dc fan but this comic might get me into image now. The astounding Wolf-man comic is a great comic. If someone ask me if they should get it, I would say you should definitely get it. (And try to bring him there right now lol) The drawing was well done. It is nice to see the Wolf-man actual interact with some heroes. (Even though it was short) I love it how they really made him into a werewolf (You must read ...

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