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While Gary Hampton was out with his family he was mauled by some kind of beast. He was near-death and got rushed to the hospital. While he was there he transformed into a were-wolf and killed a man; when he woke up the next day he was magically healed. When he returned home he started his normal life again however he transformed again and killed a bunny. When he awoke his clothes were torn and shredded so he checked the security cameras only to find himself as the werewolf. A man confronted him and explained that he new the situation and believed he could help. Then he revealed he was in fact a vampire.

Gary Hampton and his family are camping in Willow Creek, Montana. Gary has been attacked by what his wife, Rebecca, thinks is a bear.

One month later... Gary finally walks up in the hospital. Rebeeca tells Gary that they are now in New York. The doctors come in to do some tests and tell Mrs. Hampton she must wait outside. Later that evening the nurse tells Rebecca that Gary is asleep, and she decides to leave for the night.

Back in Gary's room you can see the full moon through the window. Gary begins to sweat, then pulls out his IVs and jumps out the window from several floors up.

Gary has now become the Wolf-Man, he grabs the side of another building, digging his claws in. The Wolf-Man scales the side of the building, to a rooftop garden where he attacks a man.

The next morning, in the hospital, the doctors find that Gary is fully recovered.

One month later at the Hampton's family estate. Rebecca and Chloe come home from Chloe's tennis game and Gary has little time for them. Gary talks about all the reporters that won't leave him alone and that he is trying to save his business. After a failed deal with an Asian company, Gary plays tennis with his daughter and loses.

That night, it is a full moon and Gary transforms again klling a rabbit on the estate grounds and has no recollection of it. Gary and Rebecca are then called by their butler Dunford, and he shows them survallence footage of the creature.

Rebecca realizes that her husband is a werewolf, just as a stranger appears in the house. The man says he has come to be Gary's mentor, and says he has experience, revealing a pair of fangs.

End of issue.

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