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‘The Gauntlet’ grows deadlier! It's Spider-Man versus Peter Parker when the two sides of Spidey go to war! Pete's a sworn defender of the freedom of the press--but the Web-Slinger needs to contain a certain news item about the new Vulture that could blow the city apart!

Also, the origin of the new Vulture is finally revealed! Who is he? Why does he prey on the city's criminals? And what extreme circumstance could possibly make Spider-Man even consider allying with a creature this deadly?

Plus, classic adventure as the Assassination Nation Plot continues! War is brewing between America and Symkaria and the key to stopping it is the mutant assassin known as Sabretooth! While Silver Sable and Captain America try to capture Sabretooth, Spider-Man teams-up with Solo as they hunt for Major Toler Weil, the head of the terrorist group called Ultimatum!

Includes material reprinted from Amazing Spider-Man #623-624 and Amazing Spider-Man #324.

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