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Following immediately on the heels of 24/7, Spider-Man’s world has become more messed-up and stressful than ever and the fact that his biggest enemy, is in charge of the world…and the Avengers…is only the icing on a really dangerous cake.

Now faced with hard choices about family and friendship, Spider-Man knows exactly what he has to do to save the world…it’s time to take down Norman Osborn.

Spider-Man goes up against Venom and Bullseye as he prepares to infiltrate the Dark Avengers headquarters. Meanwhile Harry’s life takes a dramatic turn now that he’s reunited with Lily and wedding plans continue for two lucky Parker pals.

Also, classic adventure! New York is going crazy with flying sharks in the Midtown Tunnel, a deadly Spider-Man parade balloon, demons at the Empire State University and the return of the lethal Lizard! Spider-Man is up to his webs in trouble!

Story and art by Joe Kelly, Phil Jimenez, David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane!

Includes material reprinted from Amazing Spider-Man #595-596 and Amazing Spider-Man #313! 76 pages! £2.95

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