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CHARACTER ASSASSINATION may be over, but the troubles keep coming as Spidey's old nemesis THE SPOT returns deadlier than ever! Wait. Did we just use "The Spot" and "deadlier" in the same sentence? You better believe it -- with his teleportation powers, he's poised to make a name for himself as an unstoppable killer for hire, and the only thing standing between him and his latest target is your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man!

Also, an adventure from Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four's past is about to have a profound effect on their future...That's if Spidey and the Torch can stop fighting long enough to notice! What's the cosmic-level rift that's dividing two of the Marvel Universe's best friends? Plus, a dark turn for Harry Osborn. A new role for Mr. Negative. And the start of a story that's going to affect almost every title at Marvel Comics! We kid you not!!!

Plus, Peter Parker gets his life back on track as he goes back to college. However, Peter’s life as Spider-Man is in jeopardy as he encounters the deadly Killer Shrike!

Story and art by Fred Van Lente, Dan Slott, Barry Kitson, Paulo Siqueira, David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane!

Includes material reprinted from Amazing Spider-Man #589-590 and Amazing Spider-Man #310! 76 pages!

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