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 Magik's Database
Originally stored at the Bradbury Americana Hotel in New York City, in a database created by Nugent to aid his colleague Magik in her role as guardian of Limbo, The Archenemy's initial functions were to codify and catalog arcane knowledge. Magik needed a reliable weapon in the war against evil forces that threatened to invade Earth-616 stored somewhere outside of the Splinter Realms, somewhere untainted by magical influences.  
Meanwhile, the physical manifestation of the dark lore stored on the datebase traveled from the far future to the Splinter Realms of the past, causing Lord Nightmare himself to have a nightmare. The magical aftershock of the event sent Nightmare's minions fleeing in terror towards the realm of Limbo. Magik, aided by Nightcrawler and Vitchen, her chief military aid, bravely fought off the demons, emerging victorious. It was then that Dormammu visited Magik from the Dark Dimension, with an urgent warning that something more evil and powerful than anything they had ever known threatened the Splinter Realms. 
Dormammu magically resurrected the decapitated head of Gleeg, once a
 Destruction Incarnate
captain in the Silurian Guard that watched over Nightmare's fortress, who told Magik that the Archenemy had splintered the dark skies over Nightmare's realm. It cut down his minions with the fragments, before overrunning the fortress. Not foolish enough take Dormammu's word at face value, Magik organized a scouting party to substantiate his claims, despite her allies' protestation. They traveled to Muspelheim, the Realm of Fire, and discovered that the land of fire had been reduced to burnt-out cinders. Surtur, the ruler of Muspelheim, had fled, leaving behind his blade, it's eternal flame extinguished. 
The Archenemy attacked the scouting party with it's fragments of darkness, forcing Magik to join her power with Dormammu to create a stepping disk large enough to teleport the entire party back to Limbo. Magik then spoke with Nugent via an inter-dimensional magic sphere to determine the progress of her database. Nugent told her it had already compiled three-quarters of the world's arcane data, and from the information it had provided, the Archenemy's next target would be Hell itself. 
 Limbo's Greatest Threat
Magik invaded the fortress of Mephisto alone in order to warn him of the Archenemy, killing a number of his minions in the process. She teleported behind the Lord of Lies, and held the Soulsword at his throat. He demanded to know what was causing Hades to quake and tremble, and Magik explained that an unknown force was targeting the Splinter Realms, one by one. The Archenemy then invaded Mephisto's citadel, and lay waste to his soldiers. Unable to combat it, Magik and Mephisto joined their powers to teleport back to Limbo, as Hades fell in ruin. 
Magik called a convocation, a parliament of the myriad rulers of the Splinter
 The Face Of Evil
Reams to Limbo to discuss the Archenemy. Begrudgingly, they made a magical pact to stop the menace threatening their plane of existence. It was then that Nightcrawler followed Duke Bleys, in actuality Sym in disguise, and forced the demon to reveal his true self. Magik confronted Sym, and demanded to know what he was up to. Sym told the pair that he was working for the Archenemy all along, and agreed to gather the Lords of the Splinter Realms in one location, in exchange for being made the ruler of Limbo. He teleported away, as the Archenemy appeared in the skies over Limbo. 
Magik sounded the Horn of Harrowing, which is only intended to be used as a
 Magik Destroys The Archenemy
last resort. The Lords of the Splinter Realms charge the Archenemy as a unified army, and a brutal battle ensues. Millions fall within minutes, and all hope seems lost. Magik comes up with a last, desperate plan, and orders the Lords of the Splinter Realms to funnel their power through her to determine the origin of the Archenemy. They do as they are instructed, and Magik learns that it is the result of her own quest for knowledge. She orders Nightcrawler to teleport to the Bradbury Americana Hotel, and destroy the database that she and Nugent have created. He does so, weakening  the Archenemy just enough for Magik to destroy the entity with her Soulsword, saving the Splinter Realms.

Powers And Abilities

  • Dimensional Manipulation
  • Eldritch Energy Blasts
  • Energy Absorption  
  • Energy Depletion 
  • Invulnerability 
  • Magic  
  • Matter Absorption
  • Matter Depletion 
  • Multilingualism
  • Necromancy  
  • Omnipotence
  • Reality Manipulation
  • Shadow Forms - Created By Dark Energy, The Archenemy's Shadow Forms Consume Everything In Their Path
  • Teleportation 
  • Time Travel

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