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Lawrence Shrott was a famous 1940s boxer called the Ape, known for both his savage in-ring dominance and his ape-like appearance. His fame attracted the attention of two individuals in particular: a crime boss named Big Joe and Bill Waring (secret identity of Challenger.) Big Joe wanted to employ The Ape for his muscle and Bill feared just such a thing. One night after a match, Big Joe`s men approached the Ape in his dressing room with an offer if he helped them with a bank heist and the Ape agreed.

Although the bank heist is successful, Big Joe and the rest of his men betray the Ape by leaving him behind. During The Ape`s own attempted escape, a bullet struck him in the head. While the Ape survived the gunshot, the bullet became lodged in his skull sending him into a psychotic rage. He was then determined to get revenge on Big Joe for abandoning him, so he returned to Big Joe`s hideout with the intent to kill. It just so happened that he wasn`t alone though, as the Challenger had followed him back there from the scene of the bank heist. The Challenger was too late to prevent the Ape from killing Big Joe and The Ape managed to get away from him.

Still filled with a murderous rage, the Ape ended up killing a shop keeper in order to obtain some food. The Challenger followed the Ape`s trail of destruction and the two men began their fight once more. The Ape was ultimately defeated when the Challenger struck the exact point on his skull where the bullet had been lodged. The Ape seemingly died from his injuries.

Powers & Abilities

The Ape possessed an unknown degree of superhuman strength. The Ape was also skilled in unarmed combat having been a trained boxer.

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