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Although coming from a good family, Whit and his younger brother were left orphans at an early age, and with no real job skills to speak of, Eddie turned to theft as a way of making ends meet. He was ultimately arrested, but once his circumstances were learned, he was given the option of being sent to a special facility in upstate New York called Lacklock, where teens who had gotten into trouble with the law…but were essentially good kids at heart…could work off their debt to society in an environment that was more summer camp than prison.

Upon his release from Lacklock, Whit was able to secure a job, and make enough money to support himself and his brother…not all that well, but honestly. However, his new employer was himself a crook, and when he learned of Whit's former convictions, he blackmailed the teen into committing new crimes on his behalf. To disguise himself from the police, Whit was told to wear the colorful costume of the Ant and use his athletic skills to help him in his new crimes.

So successful were the Ant's crimes that the authorities turned to the Teen Titans for help. The Titans were successful in capturing the Ant, and unmasking him, and it was then that the truth about Whit's return to crime was revealed. In short order, Whit's corrupt employer was also arrested, and although Whit now once more had to pay for his crimes, the Titans used their influence to see that it was merely another session at Lacklock and not anything more severe.

Following his second release from Lacklock, Whit and his younger brother have gone into seclusion, and their current whereabouts and activities remain unknown.

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