What do I need to know/read?

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I want to get into Amazing Spider-Man after loving the old (and the new MM) Ultimate Spider-Man. Can I just start reading from the latest issue or is there some needed backstory beyond the obvious?

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Bump :)

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I started at Spider-Island (#666) and was fine. Starting at the current story arch, No Turning Back (#688) will be fine. But I recommend starting at End of The Earth (#682). I really liked that story, and didn't care for Spider-Island.

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@ABritishNerd: Good jumping on points:

Amazing Spider-man 648 - First issue of dan slotts run

Amazing Spider-man 600

You can probably jump on next weeks ASM 692 coz its the 50th anniversary issue thats leading everything up to the big 700.

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Aunt May dies... And then lives... And then dies... And then lives...

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