What are your thoiughts regarding the future of ASM?

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They really should have done more with Alpha. I was very disappointed that they took a very compelling story very similar to Peter's and end it after 3 issues. I solemnly hope that Alpha will me a much bigger and immediate appearance and impact in the Marvel Now.

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there will definitely be another Spider-man book in January and as long as Slott is writing it then I'll be happy

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I agree with you, FrankenKong, Andrew Maguire was a great character!

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Announcement written by Mat 'Inferiorego' Elfring that ties to the future of ASM

Here is some more specific information on the Future of Spider-Man from the NYCC (From this Article by Gregg Katzman)

  • 'Dying Wish' will be the final story in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Cover revealed of a not-so healthy looking Doc Oc saying "...Peter Parker."
  • AVENGING SPIDER-MAN 15.1 will serve as a bridge between ASM and what's to come next. Those will be the ONLY two Marvel books coming out that week in Dec.
  • The all new Spider-Man isn't Peter Parker and Slott calls it "very dark, very weird."
  • Q: "Has the upcoming Spider-Man appeared in a title yet?" A: "The Superior Spider-Man has serious Spider-Man pedigree."

I found this information in a step-by-step accounting at the NYCC by CBR

  • Slott compared the tone to Gwen Stacy's death and "Kraven's Last Hunt." Then, "You want Spider-Man and Mary Jane back together? They're back together! But he's not Peter Parker."

I have no issues with Peter Parker not being Spider-man, as long as he still plays a major part in the book, either as a mentor, tech builder or both. I believe he earned his rest/retirement from the costume.

My main issue is, he will not be with Mary Jane. I mean they have been together for a long time, he told Silver Sable (Hope she comes back soon), after turning her down, he wanted to be worthy of MJ and near the end of the Spider-Island arc MJ whispered "I love you" to Peter which he did not hear and granted he was wearing his costume at the time. The fact that they are separating them in a more permanent basis, in terms of their relationship, really does not sit well with me.

I'm hoping this is more of Marvels teasing or even one of their twists where it is Peter but with a new identity, which was setup by technology or magic, in order to escape his identity being revealed by Doc Oc.

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