Review: Amazing Spider-Man #628

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Spider-Man battles Captain Universe to protect the life the Juggernaut, of all people. In the back-up story, Spidey tries to do a job interview on the phone while fighting the Absorbing Man.

This is a good, old fashioned Spider-Man story that adheres to conventions of the title in a way that's involving, even if it's predictable. Of Lee Weeks' many strengths as an artist, the greatest is his ability to convey weight and depth throughout. You really believe that these are characters of varying size interacting in a fully-realized, three dimensional landscape. I really enjoyed the back-up feature, as well, which again demonstrates Mark Waid's mastery of short stories. It's just such a funny gimmick to throw a job interview on top of all the rest of Spidey's woes. And Todd Nauck's work is fun, as always.

Though he's great artist otherwise, Weeks doesn't quite have a handle on drawing Captain Universe here. It's one of Steve Ditko's most memorable costumes, but he looks more like Vance Astro or a blue Silver Surfer here, most of the time. The constellation patterns on his sleeves and chest, in particular, are rendered inconsistently enough to draw attention to themselves.
You'll get the full package when you pick this up. While the feature story is still some familiar fun, I'd almost recommend this just for the back-up. I say you ought to buy this if you're snooping through the shelves this week.
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first comment
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I liked this book a lot and--
@SuperGamera said:

" first comment "

Did we just have a "First comment" guy here? That's never happened before, has it? Hm.
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I blame quests. One of them says something about being first. 
I wonder how long it's going to take Spidey to start challenging DC for the big numbers. I really should work it out, but I'm tired.  
It gains 2 every month... That's a rate of 24 a year... almost had it then. *snore*

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Oh and I wish the juggernaut had stayed a good guy after he reformed back in Uncanny.

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@InnerVenom123 said:
" I liked this book a lot and--
@SuperGamera said:
" first comment "
Did we just have a "First comment" guy here? That's never happened before, has it? Hm. "
It happens all the time.
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good series. ASM isnt letting me down.
i dont hear the part about CU being drawn wrong though, as he isnt.
the Uni-Power is on an unusual host. whenever it does that the character
ends up looking different (and if suspicions are correct on who that host is, he definatly
looks the part). gets a 4 here for the overall series. good pacing and great to have Stern
and Weeks on board with this.
also liked the little Shadowland preview in the opening page. 

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@Zack Freeman:  Another concise review that avoids spoilers yet manages to give sufficient info.  Good job.
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why is this users reviews popping up as news now instead of just reviews?

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@InnerVenom123 said:
" I liked this book a lot and--
@SuperGamera said:
" first comment "
Did we just have a "First comment" guy here? That's never happened before, has it? Hm. "
yes. it has. ive seen a first comment, second comment and third comment guys... and ive been a third. LOL =P
So i havent read the Amazing Spider-man yet and i want to. Should i start here?
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@doordoor123: yeah here is fine. i mean its the middle of the arc. or start at 630 which will start the lizard section of the gauntlet. i love ASM but im biased cuz im a huge spideyfan. issues after 600 were going down hill, but after the gauntlet began it started getting way better. im stoked to see the big picture come into play, not to mention OMIT coming up (although make sure you read OMD if you dont know about that)
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the movies should show action like that

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Remember them days.  Eric Larson took over Spiderman from Todd McFarlane waaaaaaay back when Spidey was Captain U.  The Tri-Sentinel

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