How Much Is Amazing Spider-man #654 Worth?

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Hey Guys! I'm quite new to comics and i don't want to get ripped off! So i just wanted to ask how much is Amazing Spider-man #654 worth? Preferably in GBP - £!


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Woh! Thants more than expected! But thanks anyway!
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it's new so 3.99 at the most

#6 Posted by Mucklefluga (2645 posts) - - Show Bio
Is that pounds or dollars?
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i would say maybe 8 or 9 dollars. idk how that converts to lbs but yeah. for newer comics, youre going to want to wait a few years before you really try to get what its worth.

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  • will help you convert dollars in to pounds.
  • google the phrase 'comic book price guide' and you'll find free sites that are dedicated to the pricing of all comic books.
  • works on the same principle as type in 'Spider-Man 654' into the search box. Then use the drop down box to "Sort By" 'Price + P&P: Lowest First'.

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