Dumb question about Amazing Spider Man issue numbering

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Hey all,

I'm sure this is a very dumb question, so I apologize in advance. After about a 20+ year hiatus, I've recently gotten back into buying comics, and was looking at picking up Amazing Spider Man, and purchasing some of the back issues so I'm not completely lost moving forward. I've noticed that some of the issues have a ".1"? Like there is issue #654, and then there is a #654.1 as well?

Is that something that Amazing does a lot? Are these special issues, or do they come out at regular times? If I'm buying back issues, how would I even know there were these "sub issues"?


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more or less, some series do specials called #.1

usually, it is just a bonus issue for fun

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It's from the "point one initiative", a nice idea when executed well is made to get new readers to jump in to some of the current tittles and mostly they are good new reader friendly, but for current readers is just a nice extra issue for the month.

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