gr2blackout's The Amazing Spider-Man review

Good... With Flaws

It was EPIC! Finally, something with a guy who looks like Spidey to me! Maguire was an ugly, dorky cry-baby. They were focusing more on the wimpy high-school Peter in the original series, and his look didn't match the rest of the series. However, I think Andrew Garfield could be teenage Peter AND adult Peter!

However, he are my problems with it:

  • LIZARD - I like him overall, and he did have his lab-coat in most of the movie, but the rest of it he ran around naked. I know its a human/Lizard combo, but I'm sure Lizards and Humans both have... you know. And he roared, he didn't hiss. Also, I never imagined a british Connors. I'm fine with the british voice, but in the comics and everything else he didn't have an accent. Finally, his face. I know its more like the original snoutless Lizard, but his face... it looks like he got ran over TWICE!
  • GEORGE STACY - I like Denis Leary as George, but George is supposed to have GREY hair.

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