The Amazing Spider-Man: The Untold Story that was Never Told

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In this video, this guy makes some very interesting points about the movie, and why things felt "off." I knew that something didn't feel right about this movie after re-watching the trailers after I saw it, and this questions that. Hope you enjoy and discuss.

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This is the article he was talking about, featuring all the pictures of things that are... questionably not in the movie.

My two cents? Marc Webb shot the movie the way he wanted to, Sony had it edited to fit their marketing scheme, and that's that... which is terrible.... Hopefully we'll be getting a Director's Cut for this movie on DVD, because after watching this, and reading this, and re-watching those trailers, I feel.... cheated. Not that I didn't like the movie, I gave it an A- in my review, but I wonder just how much better (or worse for that matter) this movie could have been had we've seen the "Untold Story" that was actually never told.

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Yeah, after seeing the movie, then thinking about all of the points brought up by Eric and Badass Digest, it's a little upsetting to see that so much was cut. Although I highly enjoyed the movie, I really really really really really want to see a director's cut.

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Thank you for this, helped me clear my thoughts.

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I'll be honest, I really enjoyed the movie. But after watching this video and thinking about the points brought up, I'd personally like a Director's Cut of the movie now as well.

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Directors cut FTW.

Sony is garbage..

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.....He knows to much, he must be dealt with.....

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I enjoyed the movie a lot, and I left the theater feeling entertained and fairly satisfied, but I felt like it was missing something that I couldn't quite pinpoint that made it fall a little short. Now I've realized after reading that article... it didn't quite feel like the movie I was expecting when I first saw the trailers.

I'm hoping they just cut out a lot of the stuff pointed out in the article because they wanted to save a lot of the mysterious stuff for the sequel. I think they wanted to go a safer route with sticking more to a classic Spidey vibe that general audiences would expect to see, and then delve deeper into the heavy and darker stuff in the sequel, now that the groundwork and hints have been laid and alluded to.

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